What does Brown colour say about you?

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We have heard of how the colours we like portray the type of person we are. Today I will tell you what I think about the colour Brown and how I think it portrays the personality of someone.

Browns Browns


1. Sensible
This is the first characteristic I think of whenever I picture how a Brown would be. Someone sensible, stable and straightforward. They don’t waver like lalangs (weeds) and tend to stick to their guns. A Brown would make decisions based on a whim and will always take the safer choice. They don’t go overboard with their dressing and will follow society’s norm. Some may think Browns are boring, but I think they are just the steady type of person you can count on.

2. Dependable
Since Browns are not ones to be moved by whim, they can be counted on to make those logical decisions based on facts. No need for guessing game if you are ever dating a Brown; they don’t play mind games. But be nice and don’t take advantage of their straightforwardness and you will be rewarded with a very dependable partner who would be there for you in any crazy situation.

3. Down-to-Earth
Trust a Brown to not be a show-off; they are humble and nice and if you think they are bragging about something – they are probably just telling the truth. In fact, most of the time Browns tend to be overly modest that they undermine themselves.

4. Sincere
Browns are believed to be very sensible and modest. With that kind of characteristics, they also tend to be sincere and genuine in what they say and do. They tend to live by the saying, “If you got nothing good to say, don’t say anything”. Because of that, they don’t put on airs and pretend to be a know-it-all.

5. Warm
Just like the colour itself, Browns tend to be very warm people. They treat everyone with respect and makes a very loving partner. They don’t flaunt their affections in public, but instead tend to do that only in private as they do not like to pull unwanted attention to themselves. Being around Browns is very comfortable – sort of like your favourite warm blanket on a cold night.

6. Structural
Since Browns prefer things to be safe and stress-free, they tend to think in a straight line. They like to be organised, and prefer things to be done in an orderly fashion.

Do you know any Browns? I think my boyfie is kinda a Brown – safe, warm and sensible. Unlike me who is probably a rainbow colour of fickleness. Hahaha. He brings me back to earth after floating around in the clouds and believe me, he is definitely not boring. *winks*

For those who are Browns, maybe you tend to also like brown things such as your good ol’ brown pumps, brown leather bags, and your Samsung Note 2 in Amber Brown to organise your work and social life.

Btw, have you seen this video? I thought it was cute and somehow reminds me of someone Brown. 😛


** This is just my personal opinion, not a product of any studies or research. 🙂


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