Tips & Tricks For Samsung Galaxy S4 You Might Not Know

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Some of you may have been using the Galaxy S4 for a while already, and there may be some of you who are new to the S4. Here are some tips and tricks about the Galaxy S4 that you might not have discovered that is pretty handy to know.

1. Use 1-Finger Swipe Down to reveal standard settings & notifications.


Just use 1 finger to swipe downwards at the top of your S4 to reveal notifications and a sideway-scrolling settings bar. You can toggle things such as Wi-Fi, GPS, Volume and more.

2. Use 2-Finger Swipe Down to reveal more quick access buttons.


By using 2 fingers to swipe downwards from the top of your S4 screen, you will reveal all the toggles for quick access such as Volume, Screen Brightness, NFC, S-Beam, Air View and much more. You can also click on the “Pencil” button to edit what are the type of settings you want to have quick access for.

3. Activate Air View to easily hover over your emails and SMSes to get a preview of its contents


This is especially useful in order to save time having to go through the entire email or message. Just hover your finger over it to get the gist of the content, instead of opening it one by one which consumes time when in a hurry.

4. Activate Multi-Window function (from quick access bar) to allow additional shortcuts at the side.


This is like a shortcut bar that is hidden with a little arrow peeking out from the sides. You can edit the bar by placing your favourite apps, so you can access them easily without having to close and open apps (using Home button), or even having to scroll through all your pages to find the app.

5. Clearing Cache to discourage phone from freezing


There are times when you need to clear your phone’s cache (think of it as temporary memory space), so that your phone can work faster. Other than making sure your apps are closed (which you usually do that by holding down the Home button and clicking on the X), there is another function on that same window that looks like a Pie Chart. Select that and then clear your cache with that button to free up precious memory so that your S4 can work faster and more efficiently.


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