The Wonder of Photo Editing

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Photo Wonder

Have you ever wondered how those girls from Korea and China edit their photos although they are just selfies? I found a mobile app which makes you look just like them although I am not sure if it will look like you anymore. Haha. I downloaded this app on my Samsung S4 called Photo Wonder and with just one click you can have huge eyes, no eye bags and have sharper features and smooth white skin.

Editing with Photo WonderWith this app, you can change lots of things. The One Click function is the easiest since it auto modifies for you without too much effort. However, you can also edit your own and even add makeup and shadows for your cleavage. Haha. It was really fun to play with and I even made myself not look like me. Sometimes it is downright scary especially when you make your eyes too huge and skin too smooth.

Here is how I looked after editing. Weird or not?

Editing with Photo Wonder

If you prefer something a little less drastic, just use the “Beauty” mode on your Samsung Galaxy S4 camera and it just smoothens up your skin. At least you still look a little more natural like this:

Beauty Mode on Samsung S4

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