Sturdy, Good Quality Ladder – Delivered to Your Home!

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Winner Ladder Double-Sided TanglePruf OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Nicely bubble-wrapped ladder delivered to doorstep OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

For those of you who own small cars like me, who need to fix stuff at home like me, but have problems buying large important items like ladders; well, you have a solution now. Getting someone to fix things for you is another issue altogether, but when it comes to getting the right height of ladder for your home delivered right at your doorstep, you can just order online.

I went to this online shop called Winner Ladder that sells all sorts of ladders online. I ordered a 7-stepped Winner aluminium double-sided TanglePruf ladder that cost RM140 and I was really surprised to receive it the very next day! Wow! That is really quick service. Although there is a nominal fee between RM29 – RM49 depending on size of the ladder, at least I don’t have to be stressed out figuring how to transport it from store to home.

Boyfie was quick to put it to good use though. He helped me to put some nails into the walls so I can hang my One Piece Wanted poster jigsaw puzzle frames. The handiest thing about the ladder is the tool tray that is located at the very top of the ladder. It is really cumbersome to have a tool belt sometimes, and having to wait for someone to stand the bottom of the ladder to pass you tools is even more troublesome. With the tool tray, you can just place all the things you need like hammer, measuring tape, test pen, screwdrivers, pliers and more. And they are not even in the way, as well as very secure so you won’t drop them to the ground when climbing up the ladder.

Tool tray with tools OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The quality of the ladder is also pretty solid. Although made lightweight and made from aluminium, the ladders sold by Winner Ladder is of good quality and the steps don’t deform when climbing. A really value buy since it isn’t very expensive. Apparently these same steps are used in their heavy-duty fibreglass stepladders used for industrial applications.

Left: TanglePruf hinges, Right: normal outer hinges OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor those who use ladders often (I do actually. Everything seems so high up. ^_^), you would notice many locally made ladders tend to have hinges on the outside. By having the hinges on the outside, when you fold the ladders shut to transport, the hinges tend to get damaged easily and also get tangled on wires and clothing. And damaged hinges are really dangerous. However, this TanglePruf ladder I got from Winner Ladder has its hinges on the inside of the ladder.

Honestly, a ladder is something important in every household. You need it to clean high places, take things down from high shelves, fix stuff and more. Because it is something you use often, you really should think about getting something durable, and since you would be climbing up high, the ladder has to be safe. By the way, this TanglePruf ladder is double sided, which means you can climb on either side and is much safer this way. Less flimsy too.

So if you are looking to get a good ladder for your home, or for your parents (it is not safe for older people to use flimsy stuff!), you should take a look at Winner Ladder website. You know what would be cool? Get a ladder for you dad, and surprise him by getting it delivered to his house. I’m sure he would be really happy. Mine would. (^_^)

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    Yes, a ladder! I never knew how important they were until I had one, MAN THE THINGS I COULD HAVE DONE WITH A LADDER!

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