Sandy Beach Non Nuoc Resort, Da Nang

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Truth to be told, I was here in Danang last year September. Hahaha. Yes, it took me a long time to sort out photos as I’ve been pretty busy with work and moving to new office. Anyway, I was going through my stuff and I feel that I should recommend this really great and affordable place to stay in Da Nang, Vietnam.

Sandy Beach Danang Sandy Beach Danang

If you’re looking for a beach holiday which is relaxing and not at the usual places like Phuket and Bali, Da Nang is a nice place to visit. However, my first advice is this: DO NOT go during the hot, hot month between May to September. We almost died of heat. Well, unless you really, really love the sun. Even so, I think it was way too hot. Best time to visit would be between February to May. Between September to January, rainfall is the highest so unless you just wanna stay indoors and have non-stop sexy time, you should also avoid this period.

Anyway, in Da Nang, the most popular and beautiful beach would be Non Nuoc Beach. Because of that, all of the hotels or resorts on that beach are really, really expensive. Resorts such as Furama, Vinpearl and Hyatt Regency are along that same beach. However, at the end of that stretch is Sandy Beach Resort. Compared to the luxurious neighbouring resorts, Sandy Beach is much cheaper, and is actually a pretty nice place to stay. In addition, they have recently refurbished the place so it isn’t as old and run down as it used to be.

The classic couple jump The classic couple jump

Drew and I stayed in the rooms facing the beach, but unfortunately, they placed us on the lower levels (Level 2) which means we are facing the beach but we can’t really see it. Lol. We had a clear view of the pool and lots of trees though.

If you look through my gallery, you would notice that there were lots of rose petals strewn everywhere, from the bed to the bathroom. That’s because Drew booked the honeymoon package. (He didn’t want to tell me exactly how much he paid for it though. Haha.) According to him, it was not very expensive and we even had a free dinner for two at their coffeehouse downstairs. The package he booked even had honeymoon bubbly! I looovveeeee bubblies; I think almost every girl does.

Honestly, we didn’t spend a lot of time playing with the hotel facilities. But just so you know, they have an air-conditioned children room which is pretty well equipped with toys and such. They have 2 pools – one huge one by the beach which has a bar/coffee house adjacent to it; and another pool was too small to be noticed. You can also play pool and foosball by the garden at night in case you get bored.

The beach is as beautiful as they say. With fine white sand and clear blue waters under the bright blue sky, what is there not to love? However, we went at the wrong season so it was definitely too damn hot to hangout there too long. However, in the evenings when it was cooler, we took walks at their big beautiful gardens by the beach which was really romantic.

For those who also thinking of doing sightseeing, Sandy Beach Resort offers free shuttle services at scheduled times to Da Nang city centre as well as the artsy little historical town of Hoi An. We took that and you really would’ve saved quite a bit in transportation fees.

Sandy Beach Non Nuoc Resort


Affordable. Beautiful beach and view.
The coffee house breakfast is kinda bland.
Approx Rm200 – RM300 per night (via

255 Huyen Tran Cong Chua Street,
Da Nang , Vietnam

PHONE: +84 511 3961 777


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