Redeeming Freebies have Never Been Easier

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Do you remember the time when the whole group-buying coupon thing was a craze? It was good, but I have just found something that is even better! Since most of us are pretty much in tune with our phone (as if it is part of our limbs) and will almost never go out without it, redeeming freebies and buying discounted items is even easier. Excited to know what is it yet? It is called Samsung Galaxy Life, and this is a new app by Samsung that allows users to get all the latest updates on freebies in just one app.


I just recently went to Signature by The Hill at The Roof, First Avenue, Bandar Utama. Nice and posh place, a restaurant where you would want to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. Anyway, by just flashing the “discount” on the app to the waitress, I managed to redeem a free starter, with any order above RM50. A pretty sweet deal I must say since I redeemed a free escargot starter when I ordered a steak. The best thing about using Samsung Galaxy Life is that I don’t have to do all the annoying printing of voucher (and that’s saving the environment at the same time!), and making sure I remember to bring it. If I was out and happened to browse the app, I can decide there and then to head to wherever and redeem what I wanted immediately. Easy, right?

The food at Signature was great and it was worth using Galaxy Life to redeem the starter, which costs more than RM25. The steak tasted great with creamy sweet potato and brown sauce, while my tenderloin was cooked pretty well. Steak was about RM66 which was pretty reasonable for this kind of restaurant.


Not only is there food deals in Galaxy Life, there are also other categories, such as:

  • Live: Food, travel, shopping and even beauty spa discounts and freebies.
  • Entertain: Books, movies and other form of entertainment, even readable content such as interviews with celebrities.
  • Learn: Educational apps as well as children activities are featured here.
  • Play: Fun activities such as Escape Room, badminton session discounts, mobile game discounts and lots more.
  • Connect: Software and apps that are recommended to users who might find useful in their everyday life.
  • Work: Featured apps and products that can be used for work.
  • Surprise: This is one of the best since it highlights some very special discounts or freebies to events that is going around town such as the latest Transformers Expo where you can redeem a free ticket with every purchase of 2 adult tickets.

I think this is an app worth having, and I actually browse through it everyday to see if there is something new or interesting for me to redeem.


Don’t believe me? Well, just download Samsung Galaxy Life from the Play Store or Samsung Apps store and see for yourself! You won’t regret it. I don’t.

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