Quick Look: Samsung Galaxy S5, Gear Fit and Gear 2 in Malaysia

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Just back from the Galaxy S5 launch not too long ago. I won’t go on about the details of the launch and whatnots, but will go pretty much straight to the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5, Gear Fit and Gear 2.

Galaxy S5 Launch Malaysia

The Launch

Lee Dong Yong Samsung

The event was held at Pullman Bangsar, previously some rundown building, but has now been taken over and completely redone by Pullman Hotels. Emceed by Jehan Miskin, and officially launched by Mr Lee Dong Yong, President of Samsung Malaysia Electronics, the most anticipated itinerary was the product presentation of both the Galaxy S5 and the Gears.

The Samsung Galaxy S5

Since this is just a quick experience at the event, I didn’t have much time to explore and compare what the new S5 has to offer, especially when in comparison with its predecessor, the Galaxy S4.

Faux Leather Back Galaxy S5

The most obvious would be the look and feel of the new model. Basically, it feels much better in hand compared with the S4. Less plasticky (although it is still technically made from plastic), as the Galaxy S5 now has a perforated pattern on its back cover, very much like the Galaxy Note 3. I am guessing since this particular feature was pretty popular and well-received with the Note 3, now Samsung has also given the S5 the same texture. For one, It doesn’t slip out of the hand and crash landing on the floor.

As for size, the S5 is slightly longer and wider than the S4, and about 0.2mm thicker. Weight-wise, the S5 is heavier than the S4 by 15g. Personally, I don’t think 15g matters all that much, in fact, it makes the feel of the Galaxy S5 more like a solid phone than a toy. Screen size difference is only very minimal, so you won’t really feel the difference.

Of Fingerprints and Cameras

Biggest question about the Galaxy S5 would be the Fingerprint Scanner. There were lots of buzz going around, especially when iPhone did the whole fingerprint scanning thing first, so of course people would want to know, what can Samsung do with it. Well, the fingerprint scanner works not on the button, but on the screen itself. Basically, you swipe across the screen how you normally would with the old S4, but only any one of your three fingers’ fingerprint (set at the beginning) would be able to unlock it. As for the integration with Paypal here in Malaysia, not much focus on that particularly yet, but there was a mention that there will be “safe mobile payment experience for consumers” with the fingerprint scanning feature.

Galaxy S5 Camera

Next, the camera. As much as some people say we put too much focus on high quality photos using our camera and it is all a gimmick, I personally think that Samsung is quite on the right track with this. I use my mobile to take lots of photos; heck, a lot of photos in this blog was taken with my Galaxy S4 since the quality was good, and it was convenient. However, biggest gripe with S4 was the speed of the camera. Now, the Galaxy S5 fixed that problem, and autofocus is now at 0.3 seconds in speed. It has a better sensor, and comes with 16MP. The newest feature would be the Selective Focus feature where you can actually shoot photos with “digital” bokeh. I can literally hear photography enthusiasts screaming for blood with this. Haha.

(OK.. I think I’m getting a little too long winded for a Quick Look already. Haha)

Fitness and the Gears

The focus for Galaxy S5 is on fitness. Since fitness has become a trend now (take a good look at your Facebook news feed and you will understand what I mean), Samsung is also doing this right. With the S4, the S Health didn’t really kick off as well as it could, but hopefully with the S5, things will get better, especially when paired with the (swag) Gear Fit. The S5 has new sensors that can measure and monitor your health. And so does the Gear Fit.

Samsung Gear Fit Malaysia

Now, the Gear Fit. I love this since it is sleek, looks like a simple bracelet and not too thick. And it comes with a 1.84″ Curved Amoled. With the curve of the Gear Fit, it becomes less cumbersome to wear it, especially when doing some exercise. No one wants some heavy clanking on the wrist when running. The Gear Fit is equipped with Accelerometer, Gyro and Heart Rate sensor. Basically, this is like a mini Gear 2. You can only do less than half of what the Gear 2 does, and is more fitness-skewed.

Samsung Gear 2 Malaysia

As for the Gear 2, it looks much better compared to the first Gear. Maybe because it is slimmer and looks cooler (sorry to sound so shallow, but yeah, it does). Although not curved, the Gear 2 packs more functions compared to the Gear Fit such as camera, video recorder/player, music player, WatchOn remote (using your Gear 2 to change channels. LOL), as well as many different apps, on top of the fitness features found on the Gear Fit. Best of all, you can now change the straps on the Gear 2. In fact, if your favourite watch shop has a watch strap that can fit the Gear 2, you can use it.

Final Say

Round icons Galaxy S5

Ok, I think I might’ve been a little too long winded, but generally, the Galaxy S5 looks promising, with lesser gimmicks, and simpler in looks. By the way, the icons look very iOS7-ish; I think it looks really good, but I am sure there will be many who might start a war on who is copying who.. again.

I love the Gear Fit, but wish it would’ve had more functions especially camera and music player. Gear 2 still feels a little big on my hand, but still an acceptable size. The Gear Fit would’ve been perfect for girls.

Hope I can give a better, more in-depth review once I get my hands on a Galaxy S5.

Quick Recap

  1. Galaxy S5 is slightly heavier, wider, longer, and with slightly bigger screen compared to the Galaxy S4.
  2. S5 feels slightly less plasticky with the faux leather back.
  3. Galaxy S5 comes with LTE Cat 4, 2.5Hz Quad core processor, Android KitKat 4.4.2.
  4. Fingerprint scanner will be by swiping across the screen, and can record your fingerprint from 3 different fingers.
  5. Camera is faster, 16MP, has new feature that allows “bokeh”.
  6. Gear Fit has Curved Amoled, and is fitness skewed with health sensors, but not as many features as Gear 2.
  7. Gear 2 is slimmer than the Gear, with changeable straps, and is packed with lots of features.
  8. Gear Fit compatible with 15 devices, Gear 2 compatible with 13 devices.

Pricing in Malaysia**

Samsung Galaxy S5:
  • RRP RM 2,399.
  • Preorder: 28 March 2014 – 10 April 2014
  • At stores: 11 April 2014 onwards
  • Available at Samsung Brand Stores, and telco partners: DiGi, Celcom, Maxis.
  • Only in Charcoal Black & Shimmery White. Electric Blue & Copper Gold in Malaysia will be announced later.
Samsung Gear 2:
  • RRP RM 899
  • At stores: 11 April onwards
  • Available at Samsung Brand Stores, and authorised dealers.
Samsung Gear Fit:
  • RRP RM 599
  • At stores: 11 April onwards
  • Available at Samsung Brand Stores, and authorised dealers.

** Subject to change. Visit Samsung website or Facebook page for extra info.

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