Pregnancy Woes

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20141128_132450Remember when I was blogging about the first 3 months being really too sick to write or work? Well, that was the first trimester. The second trimester was the best, being able to eat anything I like without throwing up or feeling nauseous, and even strong enough to travel to Korea. Now that I am on the 34th week of pregnancy, looks like the third trimester is just as bad as the first. Haha.

Of course, different women have different experiences with pregnancy, but mine was very different from my first child. Maybe I was younger then at 28, or maybe a little more fitter. This second pregnancy basically drained me to even consider a third one (at the moment). I thought maybe I’ve put on too much weight compared to my first pregnancy, but surprisingly I did not. When I was pregnant with my boy, I gained more than 20kg by 40 weeks. Now I am at 34 weeks, I have only gained about 11kg. Feels like I am heavier though.

Remember those old wives tale about how to tell whether you are pregnant with a girl or a boy? (This was before ultrasounds were invented). Somehow, I think they might be right. During my first pregnancy, which was a boy, my tummy was ‘pointy’, whereas now, which is a girl, my tummy is round… really round. Can tell by the amount of flesh protruding from the sides.

I think I sort of killed quite a number of my regular clothes. Because I am currently partially unemployed, I am on a really tight budget, so buying pretty maternity clothes is just too costly. So far, I have 3 of my old pants saved from previous pregnancy that I can still wear, 2 old maternity dresses, and 3 maternity blouses I bought on a major sale in Jusco department store. I try to wear whatever loose or empire cut clothing I have in my closet from before pregnancy, as well as pajamas and the hubby’s big t-shirts, to the point where I think I might need to replace these clothes after I have given birth. My tummy sort of stretched my regular clothes a little too much. Hahaha. Well, I suppose this would then be a good time to update the wardrobe, AFTER I’ve lost as much pregnancy weight as I can.

Baby has been pretty active; her favourite pastime is punching my bladder, kicking my ribs and drawing some large scale painting on the inner lining of my abdomen. Lol. I hope she will be artistic when she grows up after all the art sessions I’ve endured with her. Hahaha.

I’ve also picked up crochet and knitting. Made some really cute booties and shoes for babies, some for my little one, and some to sell if anyone is interested. Do check out my other site, The Pink Pegasus, or The Pink Pegasus FB Page for some of our craft works. ^_^

Anyway, really sorry for lack of updates. Hopefully once I’ve popped the little bun out, I would be in a better shape to tell you all about the stuff I’ve gotten in the past few weeks.

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