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My last Tea Party in 2011 :( My last Tea Party in 2011 :(

The last time I went for a tea party at Delectable Su with Tammy and the other girls was during Magic Lens party a while ago. We all dressed up in our coolest and had one heck of an awesome time being sugary sweet. It is not very often we have tea parties here in Malaysia with friends of the same interest, gossiping and giggling about our latest beauty boo-boo and wardrobe malfunctions.

So, when I was told I might have a chance for something like this again, I jumped at the chance, although I’m not guaranteed a place in this high society-like tea party. On top of that, Bag of Love, the latest beauty box (but in a cute little bag) subscription company will be there to hold an unboxing session at the party! I have seen their debut bag and I think they have quite a good range of products. I was thinking of signing up for their next subscription, but if I were to get a chance to be at their unboxing of April edition box AND an opportunity to review it, I think it would be April’s biggest talk of the town!

Bag of Love Debut Edition Bag of Love Debut EditionIf you have a blog, you too can try your luck to get a spot in this girly tea party. Delectable Su makes really cute cakes and cookies that make you forget your diet. Paired with Bag of Love goodies, what is there not to love and want?

For more freebies and opportunities to attend event such as this, you really should join The Butterfly Project FB fan page. You get to discuss beauty and girly things with others of the same interest.

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