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Vanish Powdered Detergent OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Honestly, doing the laundry is such a pain to me. Haha. Especially even more so when there is stains on the clothing and I gotta keep soaking and hopefully the stain will come out. Recently, I got some samples of Vanish detergent, and since I am already using the liquid stain remover to remove black collar stains and such, I was pretty happy to try out their powder versions in hope that doing the laundry would be a breeze.

Vanish Powder White OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFirstly, I tried the Vanish on my whites. Usually, I separate my whites as mixing them with colours will tend to make them dull. However, after a few washing, I still can never get them crisp white.

I don’t want to use bleach as it will spoil the clothing, and on top of that, some of my whites have a little colour on it eg: white with light coloured stripes, so using bleach will kill it.

Vanish for Whites OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo, according to what I read on the Vanish detergent container, the soap powder cleans up all stains as well. For those who wear work shirts, or have to wash your bf/hubby work shirts, you would notice that the collar area is usually stained.

Some of you might use those stain removers (such as the Vanish liquid stain remover) as I do, but I usually would like to wash them all in one go without having to wait for the remover to soak in unless it is a tough stain. This way I don’t have to keep doing more work as I do not only have to wash my clothes, but the whole family’s.

Collar Stain Before & After Collar Stain Before & After

Anyway, long story short, I used the Vanish powdered detergent for my whites and work shirts. And you know what? The collar stains were gone so easily! Just wash as usual – put in washing machine, put the detergent, let it be – and the stains come off by itself! I am sooooo gonna be using this from now on. Makes doing laundry a lot easier.

Vanish Powder Pink OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANext, I tried the Vanish powdered detergent form. Basically, it works just like a normal powdered detergent, but with Vanish famous stain removing benefits. Vanish is pretty popular when it comes to removing stains, as you can see in the photos here. The difference between the pink container and white, is that the pink is for coloured clothes as well. If you use the white one, your coloured clothes might not retain its vibrancy compared with using the pink one.

Stubborn Stain Removal Before & After Stubborn Stain Removal Before & After

If you look at the photo here, this stain is an old stain. I have tried washing the same shirt TWICE, and yet the stain is still there. Really stubborn. I thought I had to throw it out already, but since I had the Vanish powdered detergent to try, I decided to try soaking the shirt overnight in the detergent (mixed with water of course). And next morning, voila! The stain is gone. Not lightened, but totally gone. The best thing is that, the shirt has blue checks, and I was afraid the colour might lighten/fade, but nothing happened. The stain just disappeared! Awesome!

So, if you want to try Vanish detergents, you can get a free sample delivered right to your doorstep now. Just go to Vanish website, click on “Request for free sample” at the bottom right, and it will be delivered to you. A must try!

screenie Another thing you should do is join Vanish competition where you can win awesome prizes in 3 easy steps: Login (just use Facebook since it is easier); Upload (photo or video) on how you removed the stain using Vanish [maximum 3 entries]; Share with as many friends as possible. Easy, right? The Vanish competition prizes are such as 32″ LED TV, washing machine, refrigerator, and products for consolation and voters.

If you want to know more about Vanish products, read Vanish testimonials, and other tips and tricks on how to remove those horrible, stubborn, ugly stains. You don’t have to throw out your clothes anymore! Hehe. (Btw, I am gonna start using this detergent already. It is too awesome. Haha)

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