New York Bagels @ BrooklynB, Subang SS15

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Wow, didn’t realise I haven’t been blogging for a while. Too busy! Anyway, are you a fan of bagels? I’ve come to realise that many Malaysians don’t really know how to appreciate bagels although the interest in this baked goodie is picking up. Please don’t confuse a bagel and donut; they are both very different in taste and the way it is eaten. Only similarity is the hole in the middle.

Anyhow, bagels in Malaysia is quite a rare find, especially in a place that sells only bagels. One of my favourites is all the way in Penang (which I will blog about when I ever find the chance to take a photo there). But being here in Klang Valley, I don’t have the luxury of having my favourite bagels when I get a chance, until Andrew came to tell me about this new joint in Subang SS15. So off we went to try it out.

BrooklynB Subang SS15

Located opposite Asia Cafe, on the same row as Starbucks and a myriad of cafes and eateries is this place called BrooklynB. Not an easy place to find parking, however, we managed to get it easier on a weekend in the afternoon. The decor of the cafe is pretty hipster-like (seems to be the trend these days), with unfinished cement walls, counters and flooring. Looks pretty good though, in an artsy sort of way. Especially loved the graffiti art on the wall, and the way the bagels were “hung”.

They offer set meals and the option to top up with a soup or salad for an OK price. I ordered the “Lox with Cream Cheese”, while Andrew had the “Philly Cheese Steak”. I learned that day that “Lox” was actually “brined salmon”. Haha. I took the set with mushroom soup and hot black coffee, while Andrew had his set with salad and a soda.

OK. Now for the taste verdict.

The Lox with Cream Cheese Bagel tasted pretty alright. It had sufficient amount of cream cheese and salmon so I didn’t feel like I was eating plain bagel. It even comes with capers although very few. The bagel was a little chewy though. Maybe that’s the way they make it in New York, but personally, I would’ve preferred it to be less chewy and a little more crunchy on the outside. As for the mushroom soup, I know it looks kinda sloppy but it was surprisingly tasty. However, please don’t order coffee. It is really flat and bland. I should’ve ordered a Snapple instead.

Andrew told me his bagel was so-so. Would’ve preferred more filling though. I tried the salad and found it pretty good. It was simple, with many different types of leaves including Lollo Rosso leaves, and other gourmet salad leaves. Didn’t see a single iceberg lettuce. Lol. Also really appreciated the fact they didn’t drench their salad in Thousand Island dressing, opting instead for something lighter like vinaigrette.

Now, for the price. The Philly Cheese “Bagelwiches” cost RM13.80, add RM5 for a drink and a side, so that would make it RM18.80 for a Philly Cheese set. The Lox cost RM15.50, top up RM5 for a set, and that would be RM20.50 for a set (ouch). I have to say that’s pretty steep. So basically, for 2 of us, we spent almost RM40 for lunch. I am not sure whether I should be surprised or not, looking at how food prices have been going up, especially for gourmet stuff.


BrooklynB Bagel Cafe & Bakery

Nice place. Hipster. Serves decent bagels and side dishes. Serves a variety of bagels.

Can be a little pricey for bagels. Horrible coffee. Bagels too chewy.

41, Jalan SS15/8A,
Subang Jaya, Selangor.

PHONE: +603-5611-6553
BUSINESS HOURS: 10am – 10pm, except Mondays


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