Nature Republic Forest Garden Green Tea Cleansing Oil

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Nature Republic Green Tea Cleansing Oil OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Wow. Been a while. Work’s a killer since I started a new job. Even my skin has become crazy and dry as I need to wear makeup everyday now to work. Thanks to OnlyBeauty Malaysia, I got myself this Green Tea Cleansing Oil from Nature Republic Malaysia. I’ve been using cleansing milk and a separate eye makeup remover so thought it was time to try something else since I am getting lazier when its time to remove makeup cleanly.

Nice eco-friendly looking box OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI love the packaging. It reminds me of all those eco products with the clean white box and clear bottle. Since this is a green tea product, the colour of the oil is in a pretty green colour with labels as etchings on the bottle. It looks nice on my bathroom vanity table.

The bottle comes with a pump that makes it easier to use as you don’t need to fiddle with caps and whatnots when your hand is busy or dirty. I’m thankful the bottle came with a pump lock; although it is a temporary lock, it made sure I won’t get a product that has spilled during transportation. I do wish that they had included a pump lock on the bottle as this would make it easier to take it with me when I travel instead of having to pump it out to a small separate bottle to prevent spillage.


Clear liquid from the bottle OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHonestly I seldom use oil based cleansers because they tend to make my skin very oily and subsequently, lots of oil seeds will pop up. So I was kind of apprehensive trying Nature Republic Green Tea Cleansing Oil, but surprisingly it was pretty alright.

Since this was a makeup cleanser, I was hoping I could use it to wash my eye makeup off too. Boooo… failed. Hahaha. If you look at my photo here, you can see the runny black liner as I attempted to wash my eye makeup (without mascara) off with the cleansing oil. So, you need to still use eye makeup remover to remove your eyeliner/mascara before cleansing. Eye shadow is removed easily so it is ok. You can try to put it on a cotton pad and remove your eye makeup first although I find it way too oily that way. I rather use a lighter eye makeup remover first, then use the Nature Republic Green Tea Cleansing Oil for an overall cleansing.

The usage directions are as such:

(1) Apply on dry face with dry hands and spread all over.

(2) Wet hands a little and rub your face in circular motion till it becomes milky in colour (original is clear during dry application

(3) Using WARM water, wash off.

After Effect
After washing off, my skin had a slight oil residue but that is to be expected. However, Nature Republic Green Tea Cleansing Oil did not make me have oil seeds or made my skin too oily. If you don’t like even the slightest oil residue, just do a quick wipe with some toner and it would be ok.

What I did not like the most was having to wash the cleanser off with WARM water. Since most of us generally do not have a central heating system where we can get warm water from our sink taps, we got to resort to having to use the hot shower instead. So if you want to just remove makeup and freshen up, you still got to switch the hot shower on just to wash your face. I tried using the usual tap water to wash; the oil doesn’t come off as well (the oil residue is almost 2x more).

To Sum it Up..
Will I buy it again? Yes, as generally the pros outweigh the cons. It is more about getting used to washing your face with warm water. I still have to use eye makeup remover to remove waterproof eyeliner and mascara anyway so that isn’t really a problem. Right now, my skin has become less dry ever since I’ve started using Nature Republic Green Tea Cleansing Oil.

By the way, do join OnlyBeauty FB page to get free samples, and also Nature Republic FB page for updates!

Nature Republic Forest Garden Green Tea Cleansing Oil


Not too oily. No oil seeds. Cleans quite thoroughly.
Need warm water to wash off.
RM94.90 for 200ml bottle.
Any Nature Republic outlets.



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