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Just last week, I attended the Beauty Expo held in KLCC Convention Centre as media, and for those who have never been to the Beauty Expo, you really missed out on all the awesome discounts. This expo is open to trade visitors, media as well as to the public and tons of stuff get sold here at an even better price if you were to purchase in bulk. Anyway, although I was kind of broke already, I still bought a little bit of things I just could not pass up on since they were cheap and I had use for them.


1. Nail stickers & tools
I love this stuff. There was a booth that sold these in a pretty good price. I was there with Jerine and we decided to share the cost since it was a buy 10 pieces, free 10 pieces promotion. One set cost RM4 but since it was Buy 10 Free 10, we paid only RM2 per set. These stickers are a mixture of decals and stickers. Pretty good quality I must say since I have already tried using them by the time I blogged about this. Haha.


I also bought another 2 set from another booth which were selling them at difference prices. I got them at RM2 and RM4 individually. However, at this same booth, I also got myself a set of nail art dotting tools for only RM10. Can’t wait to try them!


2. Essence Nail Polish
These babies were purchased at RM4 each. Essence has pretty nice nail polish. They had nicer cool colours than warm colours though, so as you can see I bought 3 in Black, Mint and Dark Blue. Generally, the nail colour is quite solid and I only needed 2 coats to get a nice strong colour. The brush is quite nice too, however, can get a little clumpy while dipping. But for such a low price, I really have no complains.


3. Hair Straightening Iron
So happened, mine kinda died just a week before the Beauty Expo, so I had no choice but to get another. Magicboo had a lot of booths selling them but I was not going to buy the same type as mine. So after looking around for two days, I settle for this which is fully ceramic and had an on/off switch as well as a temperature control. Although it was not as cheap as I would hope it to be at RM120, it was still pretty reasonable.


4. Beautymate Sakura Foaming Cleanser
Of all the types of cleansers, I like foaming cleanser the best, even more so if it is really in foam form. Have not used it yet, but based on the smell of this range of product like the cream, the Sakura range smells really good. Will update a review once I’ve used it. Normally this is priced at RM40.00 but I got it for RM20 at the Beauty Expo.


5. Set of Makeup Brushes
This is my favourite. Since my birthday is around the corner, Jerine decided to buy me this set of makeup brushes. Only priced at a whopping RM55, the brushes here are really soft and the hair does not come off unlike some cheap ones. At least my makeup brushes won’t be shedding. I need to wash them before using so can only review once they are washed. The cover is made out of cheap PVC though, but since it is the brushes which is more important to me, I am OK with that.

So, if you did not attend the Beauty Expo this year, make sure to attend it next year. Promise it would be worth your while! You can find out more here at their website.

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