MIA, and with good reason!

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If you have been following my blog and my FB page, you would notice that I have almost gone missing for quite a long while now. For once, it was not due to work, but instead I was just too sick to do anything! The first 16 weeks of pregnancy for me was almost too hard to bear with all the trips to the toilet to worship the porcelain god, and the onset of many bouts of migraine.

its a baby!

Yes! I am pregnant! Now currently at 17 weeks, I am finally alive and able to eat, and do most things as usual, except looking at the computer screen for hours as it gives me a very bad migraine. Having migraine was never really too much of a problem, except that now, I am unable to take any painkillers other than Panadol, which does almost nothing for me.

A few things I’ve learnt during the 16 weeks I was suffering from morning sickness:

  1. Just because I wasn’t sick when pregnant with the first one, doesn’t mean I won’t be during the second time.
  2. Thank God for air-conditioning.
  3. Drinking water was almost impossible, or any fluids for that matter. Had to slip a few lemon slices in water to keep some fluids inside.
  4. I am seriously sick of plain crackers. I have half a box left.. any takers? Haha.
  5. Best food for morning sickness: plain toast bread. Everything else makes me sick.
  6. Googled all the different methods to help with morning sickness, but nothing helped.
  7. Having a 7 year old independent boy to help around the house is God’s gift to a sick mom in bed. Unless you have a maid. I don’t.
  8. I can actually almost sleep the entire day away, just so I do not puke/faint/get hungry/get migraine.
  9. Sleeping so much made a little crater dent on my mattress. Must be due to my big ass.
  10. Thank God for parents who stay nearby and a husband who can cook and do chores.

Anyway, I should be able to continue blogging now since I am not stuck in bed all day long. Visit back for more updates! Thanks for sticking around! <3



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