Maybelline The Magnum Volume Express Cat Eyes Mascara

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Maybelline Magnum Volume Express Mascara OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn all honesty, I hardly wear mascara. Maybe I hate removing it, or maybe it doesn’t really do that much for my not-long-enough eyelashes. Well, I was sent this by L’Oreal and apparently according to the internet, it is currently one of the best mascaras around. So, I gave it a try.

I love the packaging. I think it is rather eye-catching with the colour and design exuding a ‘rawr’ factor. Although I am not one who is bold enough to wear animal prints, I still would like to think I am still able to pull off the eyes of a predator. Hahaha. Anyway, the colour and packaging makes it easy to pick out in my drawer full of makeup. Don’t have to wade through everything just to find my mascara.

According to the labels, the Maybelline Magnum is suppose to have a Cat Eyes Brush, hence the name Magnum Cat Eyes. I personally do not find much difference in having a different shaped brush. Why is that? Well, I feel our eyelashes are not even and is not shaped and curved like how falsies are. So even with a special brush, the tendency for blur people like me to use it the “correct” way is very slim.


The mascara brush OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA¬†Generally, the brush is curved to pick up all your eyelash as you fit the curve of the brush to the curve of your eye. The bristles are quite dense; dense to the point where you might pick up too much mascara on your brush which may result in clumps on your eyelash during application. To make sure your mascara doesn’t get clumpy, make sure you check the tip of the brush to make sure not too much mascara has been stuck on it when you take it out of the bottle.

Here’s a comparison between before and after the mascara application. I applied only on one eye to show you the difference. I have also applied on both top and bottom lashes to try create a more dolly effect. Please note I have only applied one coat of mascara. You can opt to apply 2 coats to create more volume and length. So, for a more dramatic look, apply more!

Maybelline Cat Eyes Mascara


There is a noticeable difference in length and volume of eyelash. Quite waterproof. Doesn’t smudge much.
Can be clumpy if you don’t watch how much mascara is on the brush.


Watsons, Guardian, SaSa and all major outlets.


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