L’Oreal Shine Caresse Lip Colour in Faye

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Shiny chrome casing Shiny chrome casing

A girl can never have too many lip colours whether it is lip gloss, lipstick or a mixture of both. Having said that, L’oreal has yet again launched a new product called Shine Caresse. It is considered a lip colour, but since all these jargons can get pretty confusing, to me, I feel this is somewhat like a strong coloured lip gloss. It has shine and colour solid enough to look like a lipstick, not one of those sheer glosses normally found in stores.

Colour & Application
A short applicator wand A short applicator wandThe color I got from L’oreal was called Faye. It is a coral-like colour with warm undertones, with gloss finishing. It smells really great! I really abhor those lip colours that smell very chemical-like. I don’t think any guy would want to kiss lips which smell like plastic or something. However, the L’Oreal Shine Caresse lip colour smells heavenly! Like roses. I bet the boyfie would love locking lips with this on.

The applicator is heart shaped with a short wand. If you look at the packaging closely, you would realize that the narrow end of the casing is the base of the lip colour. I find this mind-boggling. Yes, the narrowness makes it nicer to hold while applying, but if you were to stand in on a flat surface, the tendency for it to fall over is almost certain.

I do, however, like the short wand. It is less messy and easier to apply the colour onto my lips since it was just a slight extension of my fingers. Also makes it easier to apply in a moving vehicle. *winks*

In addition, this product doesn’t leave my lips all dried up like how many lip glosses tend to do.

Casing Aesthetics
When I first opened the box, I thought the casing looks posh and pretty with its chrome finish. However, after using it multiple times, I realized my icky fingerprints were left all over the chrome finishing. So if I were to use it in public, I would probably have to wipe it first to avoid looking a wee bit undignified. Well, provided someone noticed. I could just prep my lip in the washroom instead where no one is looking.

The casing has a small see-through part where you can view the shade of the lip colour. At a glance, you might think the package only had so little but the actual amount of lip colour is 6ml. Looks like there’s more than the eye can see.

Line of Colours
Shades of Shine Caresse Shades of Shine CaresseThere are 6 babydoll shades in this line. From bright fuchsia to baby pinks, corals and peach Рthey all come with the same look; soft, moisture-like effect with a strong colour. The names of the shades are based on legendary women of note РVenus (600), Bella (604), Lolitta (606), Juliette (702), Princess (801) and Faye (804).

A bottle of this is going at RM35.90 for 6ml. A little on the pricey side looking at the content value, but I think it is quite worth the money. It is really different from many other sticky gloss with lack of colour. You basically save on having to put lipstick AND lip gloss to get a colour with shine like this.

L’Oreal Shine Caresse Lip Colour


Wonderful rose smell. Doesn’t dry up lips. Vibrant colour and glossy finish.
Fingerprints left on chrome casing. Yucks.
Watsons, Guardian, and all major retail outlets that carry L’Oreal Paris cosmetics.


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