Long Lasting Goodness – Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion

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Do you have this problem with our makeup sliding off your face in less than half a day? I do. And it really annoys me since I am just way too lazy to reapply makeup over my old makeup, so either I don’t go out, or just go out with melted makeup. Anyway, I was passed a cushion pact called Precious Mineral Any Cushion from Etude House and here is my take on it.

Using the powder puff OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHonestly, Korean product names totally confuses me. When I was first told about the product name ‘Any Cushion’, I was totally boggled. Since it says ‘Precious Mineral’, it is highly likely that is is a mineral powder. And in the directions, it just mentions it being a cushion pact. So I am left to my own deductions.

I believe this is a mineral powder that comes in a compact powder form. I tried using it on its own and with a light foundation under it, and I find that with BB cream (or CC cream) under the powder, there is a little more coverage. Just using the Any Cushion alone does not give enough coverage. So the next question most of you would wonder is whether the powder is of any use. Frankly, there is. As much as I am pretty lazy to be putting too much foundation layers on my face, the Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion makes your skin appear smoother, controls your facial sebum (making it look less oily), and keeps your makeup on your face for longer hours.

After a whole day out and makeup still new After a whole day out and makeup still newI wore makeup early in the morning to work, and after coming home – which means approximately 10 hours time – my makeup was still on my face! Usually with other brands of compact, my makeup either fades or smears by the time I get home. However, when I used Any Cushion, it was still pretty looking when I got back, so I just headed out for dinner without reapplying. My face was not oily either.

As for the packaging, I liked the powder pink coloured casing, and the powder puff holder that separates the puff from the powder itself. I find the puff a little stiff but according to the directions, I am to use that puff and pat the powder lightly on my face. So I assume that the puff has a specific use, hence, I did not use a brush instead.

Etude House also gave me a really cute makeup pouch and 2 samples of their oil cleanser. I need to try those out soon too, on top of the tons of stuff I need to review and tons of things I need to retweak on my blog! A working woman’s life never ends! Oh, by the way, since I would be working from home very soon, I would be able to post more often! Yay!

Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion 

Face less oily. Makeup stays on much longer. Face appears smoother.
The powder puff is stiff.
RM109.90 for 15g


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