Innisfree Green Tea Pure Gel Hand Cream

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Before Innisfree opened at Sunway Pyramid, I was already in love with their products ever since my sis-in-law bought me some from Korea. So when hubby and I went to Korea, I made sure to stock as many products as I dared to (more like, that I can afford), before coming back to Malaysia. Other than a whole lot of facial masks (which I will review once my skin is back to its normal state), I also purchased this hand cream, just for fun. Maybe it is because it is of gel consistency which I prefer to lotions.


Generally, the fragrance is pretty nice. Although it says “green tea”, the hand cream does not smell anything like green tea. Instead, it has a slight flowery fragrance not too overpowering like many European brands tend to be. I personally love it.

As for the texture, gels tend to be less sticky and less streaky compared to lotions. However, this hand gel leaves your hands with some sort of coating so I would suggest you to use only before sleeping, or if you can go without using your hands for about 30 minutes. It doesn’t leave any residue on surfaces even after application, which is a good thing, but some might feel weird using “sticky-ish” hands. But it is quite effective though. My hands have been quite dry from all the washing and air conditioning, and after regular use for 3 days, my hands are soft again. No more sandpaper hands!

I bought this in Korea for ₩6,000. Not really sure how much it costs here in Malaysia though, since I have not gone to the outlet in Sunway Pyramid yet. However, I understand that the price in Korea is much cheaper so this would probably cost a little more, IF they carry it here. Haha. Can always hope.


Innisfree Green Tea Pure Gel Hand Cream

Lovely scent. Easy to bring around. Effective in moisturising hands.

Can be a little sticky with its moisturising protective coating.

₩6,000 for 50ml tube.

Innisfree Korea. Haha. (Will check if available at local outlet once I’ve visited it)



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