In Love with CooperVision dailies!

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too many screens

I have bad eyesight. Not only do I have problems wearing specs, and contact lens gets dry and irritating after long hours of wear. In addition, I spend hours in front of the computer, making my eyes tire easily and get dry.

Basically, here are my issues:

1. Wearing specs

  • Get a headache due to the feeling on “something” on my ear.

  • Slides down my nose.

2. Using contact lens

  • Eyes get dry easily, even when using artificial tears and even inducing yawns.

  • Astig problem cannot be corrected easily with soft lens.

coopervision biomedics contact lens

Recently, I’ve gotten some daily contact lens from CooperVision to try. I have never really tried dailies since I am a vain pot and prefer coloured lenses. But after using these, I think I just have to accept my small little eyeballs (LOL) and be satisfied with comfort instead.

Let me backtrack a little. Now, CooperVision sent me 2 different type of lenses – different ones for each eye. Before you get confused, let me explain why.

Both my eyes have different power needs. I am shortsighted on both eyes but of different power. On top of that, I need astig correction, but both eyes have different astig power, however, only one eye can be corrected for astig as the other is too low.

So, long story short, because of all these issues, CooperVision sent me:

1. Biomedics 1 day Extra

2. Biomedics 1 day Extra toric

The difference is that the “toric” variant has astig correction, while the other does not.

Individual pack lenses

I believe because it is a daily lens, it is always a fresh clean pair with no build-up. And also since these Biomedics lenses has 55% water content, eyes breathe easier. Travelling is also a breeze since I only need to pack a few small packs of the lenses, without a big bottle of solution. Frees up a lot of space, and fuss-free too.

Contact lens

My only gripe about these lenses is that, I wish I can have them in coloured lenses of 15mm diameter. I understand from my optician, that 16mm lens and above are really bad for eyes as it doesn’t allow the eyes to breath properly and can lead to future complications, and of course, it makes your eyes dry up fast. So, looks like no more dolly eyes for me. Haha.

CooperVision Biomedics Daily Contact Lenses

Easy storage. No more dry eyes. Clean and sterile. Wearable for long hours. Astig correction

I really wish they have it in colour! Haha.

RM 80 for Biomedics (30pcs a box, Buy 3, Get 1 Free)**
RM 130 for Biomedics Toric (30pcs a box)**

**Price and promotion is according to Creative Vision.

Creative Vision
29-1, Jalan PJU 5/11,
Dataran Sunway,
Kota Damansara, 47800 Petaling Jaya

Visit their Facebook page for more information.

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