How to Upload Ringtones to Galaxy S4 using Kies Air

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Having a normal ringtone is kinda boring, isn’t it? By putting you own personalised ringtone, not only can you recognise the sound of your own phone ringing, it gives something you use ever so often a little more character. Anyway, with the Samsung Galaxy S4, the easiest way I find so far is to use Kies Air when trying to upload a ringtone. Here’s a guide on how to do it easily.

1. Download Kies Air on your Galaxy S4 via Google Play, or  Samsung Apps.

2. Make sure both your S4, and your computer are connected using the SAME Wi-Fi Network.

3. Open the Kies Air app on your mobile. Select the <START> button.


4. Look at your Kies Air app screen. There will be an URL given by your app. Eg: Enter this URL on your computer web browser.


5. Your phone then will have a 4-Digit code. Enter that in when your computer asks for it. This is for security, so people cannot try to simply connect to your computer although in the same network.


6. Once connected, all you need to do is go to the RINGTONES tab on your computer, and click on UPLOAD.


7. Upload your mp3 file, and you are done! Now, next is setting that new song as your ringtone.

8. Go to your phone. (Don’t forget to stop the Kies Air app on your S4). Go to SETTINGS (one finger drop down from top of screen and touch the gear-looking icon) > MY DEVICE > SOUND > RINGTONES.


9. Select your ringtone, and you will be asked whether you want the tone to start from beginning or recommended. I prefer the recommended as most of the time, the start of a song is too slow or soft to be heard well. This is really great since that means I don’t have to crop my song on the computer before it is suitable as a ringtone.


10. And you are done!

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