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Twelve Cupcakes

For those who did not catch my last news announcement on the latest cupcake joint in town, here’s a little review on the cupcakes served at Twelve Cupcakes. This new store is located at Sunway Pyramid, facing the skating ring at the “old wing”, and is the first Twelve Cupcakes store in Malaysia.

The Kiddo enjoying his cake

For starters, I visited their store and tried some of Twelve Cupcakes signature cupcakes. Since I brought the kiddo along, as well as Jerine, we sampled each other’s cake. I took the Red Velvet, while Jerine tried their Special of the Day, Cranberry & Pistachio, and as usual, my little one chose something chocolate, which was the Chocolate Vanilla.

Cranberry & Pistachio. Super yums!

The cupcakes were really good! It was less sweet, and the flavours were unique. The topping was also not too sweet or an overkill, so it works well together. Cake is soft and fluffy, and the cream topping rich and flavourful. The Cranberry & Pistachio was Jerine and my favourite, as it had a nice tanginess of cranberry paired with the crunchiness of pistachios. The weirdest thing is that, as I am now looking at their brochure/menu, their Cranberry & Pistachio cupcakes is not in their menu! Anyway, if you see it, I highly recommend that flavour as it is a must try unique flavour cupcake.

My 1//2 dozen takeaway - 1 squashed cake :(

I also brought home half a dozen of cupcakes from Twelve Cupcakes. Unfortunately, my kiddo accidentally squashed the box and ended up squashing one cupcake. So sad! The poor Rainbow Vanilla cupcake had its topping stuck at the top of the box. Anyway, I took these back to my family and everyone tried it.

Here are the flavours and everyone’s verdict:

Red Velvet

1. Red Velvet : Best flavour in this selection. Cake not too sweet, inside is fluffy, although they prefer if the topping had more flavour.

Chocolate Chocolate. PB Jelly.

2. PB Jelly : Boyfie is a huge fan of PB & J, but he thought this was too sweet.

3. Chocolate Chocolate : Second favourite in this selection. The chocolate ganache is very good, with creamy and rich texture and taste. Loved the little bits of chocolate crunchy toppings on top of the ganache.

Chocolate Vanilla. Cookies & Cream.

4. Cookies & Cream : Generally not too sweet. The topping was a bit too much for us though.

5. Chocolate Vanilla : Just like before, the chocolate ganache topping is great. Take the vanilla based one if double choc is an overkill.

6. Rainbow Vanilla (squashed version!) : The vanilla cake is fluffy and moist, and although the topping was squashed, it was alright. Not one of our favourites though.

Inside is moist and soft. And not too sweet.

Service at the store is great, but I have one major gripe. I really wish they had enough space at their store to offer a sit down area, and serve coffee since coffee and cakes are just the perfect combination. So, if you are anytime at Sunway Pyramid, do drop by and take home one of their cupcakes, especially if you are not a fan of cakes that are too sweet or too dry.

Instructions to enjoy your cakes

By the way, there are instructions on the box to let you know the best way to enjoy the cakes. Kinda cute.

The chocolate is rich in flavour.


Twelve Cupcakes

Here’s a quick look at Twelve Cupcakes.. cupcakes. (lol)

  • There are 40 flavours to choose from, although everyday the specials change.
  • Cake is fluffy and moist, and is not one of those over-sweet, overkill cakes.
  • Interesting toppings and combinations.
  • Take away only at Sunway Pyramid outlet. You can eat your cake there but the space is just a little corner.
  • You can order for functions and gatherings.
  • The carrot cake has A REALLY CUTE CARROT on top!
  • Anything with the chocolate ganache topping is awesome.
RM6 each | RM18 trio | RM34 half dozen | RM66 dozen | +RM1 for Specials
Add: Sunway Pyramid, LG2.43A
Hours: 10am – 10pm (while stocks last)
Web: www.twelvecupcakes.com
Email: info@twelvecupcakes.com.my
FB: /TwelveCupcakesMalaysia
Twitter: @12cupcakesMYS


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