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HiShop April Package HiShop April Package

A girl can never have enough beauty products. And being usually on the go, I believe many of us are now frequently doing our shopping online. I love the feeling of receiving a parcel all wrapped up; it is like getting a present from me to me.

Anyway, the latest online beauty shop in cyberspace is HiShop; a site which sells many different brands of beauty and cosmetic products. Shipping is free nationwide if you spend more than RM50 (which is pretty easy to accumulate). I just joined their beauty community on Facebook, and if you join, you can get some privileges too.

On top of being a member of their community, I am also one of HiShop’s beauty ambassador. Being their ambassador, I’ve received my welcome pack for the month of April. Here is my little review on what was in their pack which are some of the products you can purchase from their online shop.

(1) Mircoz Lip Perfect (RM119 for 7g)
Mircoz Lip Perfect Mircoz Lip PerfectLike my collage? Hehe. Sorry it looks so crowded but there was a lot to show. The lip gloss I got in my package was a full size and although the price seems a little pricey, I think this is quite worth it. There are 2 sides to the cylinder – one is the Lip Pink (White) which is applied on lips and the contour; and one is the Lip Essence (Pink) which is a lip gloss.

Basically, the white is like a lip stain. By tracing the edge of your lip line and focusing on the plumper part of your lips, it will create an illusion of fuller lips. The pink Lip Essence is just like gloss with a slightly pink tint. Because it is thick and gooey, it makes your lips shine and gives it a sexy, bee-stung look. Surprisingly this lip gloss doesn’t dry up my lips unlike many gloss. Downside? Don’t kiss your partner because he definitely will not like the sticky transfer.




(2) Clinelle Blackhead Control Gel (RM29.90 for 15ml)
Clinelle Blackhead Control Gel Clinelle Blackhead Control GelHmmm.. honestly, I have no idea how this works. I only know how to review products which removes blackheads, but this product controls blackheads; probably means that it prevents blackheads from showing up. I did try it but since I’ve only used it for a short while and not consistent.

This gel is suppose to tighten pores, gradually reduces and prevents blackheads. One thing for sure; this gel smells pretty good and it doesn’t remain sticky on face like many facial products. I didn’t apply on my entire face though.

I just applied wherever there is a lot of blackheads – usually on the nose and chin; probably got to use it a little longer to see results.




(3) Nature & Co Vital Purity Lift Mask (RM88.90 for 140ml)
Nature & Co Vital Purity Lift Mask Sachet Nature & Co Vital Purity Lift Mask SachetI got a sachet sample of this mask to try out in my April package; small sachet but just enough to put on a thick layer of mask. This facial mask is a cake-type of mask where the mask is opaque and will harden once it is dry – somewhat like a mud-mask.

The feeling after application is really nice. It gives off a nice, gentle cool feeling; not like the usual menthol feeling you tend to get with many face masks. It was rather soothing. However, this mask hardens; so make sure you don’t smile or laugh or talk after it dries up as you might end up with fine lines.

Generally, I really like this mask. It leaves my skin soft and smooth.




(4) Nature & Co Pure White Milky Lotion Light (RM58.90 for 180ml)Nature & Co Pure White Lotion Light (RM58.90 for 130ml)

Nature & Co Pure White Milky Lotion Light Nature & Co Pure White Milky Lotion LightHonestly, I get confused with lotions and toners. Haha. Well, I got a small sample of these two types of lotions – one milky and one clear. The White Lotion is used like a toner, and the Milky Lotion somewhat like a moisturizer. Smells nice but with one sachet I cannot really review it. But nice sample anyway.

On the same note, the consistency of the lotions are light and very liquid – so be careful not to pour or squeeze out too much. I made that mistake since I got deceived by the word “lotion” and expected it to be thick. Haha.

The sample sachets I got has a different packaging from the actual product. The full size product is easy to differentiate by the colour of the bottle, whereas for the samples, they were both the same. I’m assuming these 2 are meant to be used in a pair.

(5) Vouchers and discounts
In my welcome pack, I also received 2 vouchers – a RM20 cash discount voucher from HiShop, and a 8% discount voucher from Milkadeal. So probably gonna shop for their stuffs soon!

Speaking of discounts, if any of my readers want a RM20 discount for purchases RM100 and above at HiShop, do drop a comment here with your email address and I will send you the code! This discount is only valid until 30 June 2013, so hurry before the promo expires ya!

My HiShop Stash My HiShop Stash So, if you love beauty products and enjoy having your purchases sent to your doorstep like everyday is Christmas, do pop by HiShop online store to check out their products. You can also click on the banner on your right to be taken straight there.

Don’t forget to also join HiShop Facebook page to get heads-up on exclusive deals and blogger reviews. Or you can just subscribe to their newsletter for exclusive deals right to your mailbox.

Till the next stash review, ta-ta!





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