[Haul] Tales of Xillia 2 @ Gamer’s Hideout Sale

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How to say no to cheap games? There are lots of title I have not played yet. Either not enough time or not enough money. Haha. So when I saw Gamers Hideout having sale, decided to pop by 1Utama to check out how cheap is cheap.


Long story short, decided to buy Tales of Xillia 2 for my PS3 since I’m planning to get Tales of Zestiria later part of this year. Since it is sold for RM179 on PSN, getting it at RM49 is a really good deal.

For those who wanna check out the sale, head to Gamers Hideout in 1Utama from 1-4 May 2015 to snag some games. They have PS4, PS3, XBox and Nintendo DS games in sale. Popular ones you might be interested in are like Akiba’s Trip, Borderlands, Dragon Age Inquisition, Hyperdimension Neptunia and many more.


Be prepared to line up though. Cash terms for purchases less than RM100.

Check out Gamers Hideout Facebook page for some of the games on sale.


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