[Haul] Discounted books up to 90% @ Times Book Fair, Citta Mall

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I haven’t been shopping for clothes much lately since I am trying to get my post-partum size down a notch to avoid wasting money since I won’t be able to wear them in a few months (hopefully). So, since I was at Citta Mall to pickup something, I decided to check out the book fair.

Times Book Fair Citta Mall

The Times Book Fair is located at the Concourse area on Level 1 of Citta Mall, just outside of Times bookstore. The duration of this fair is from 25 Feb – 8 March 2015. Guess I was a little late. Haha. There were still quite a number of good books offering good value in terms of pricing, so do check it out before it is over. Can’t beat Big Bad Wolf sale of course, but I managed to get some sweet deals for myself, hubs, and my 8 year old son, whom we are trying to get him to read more.

Here is my book haul:

times book fair haul

Generally, the pricing was not too bad. The better books and bestsellers were only at 30% off, but if you are looking for children books especially, the discounts are better, usually at 50% at least. Well, I got some of my Robert Jordan books that I don’t have in my collection so yay for me! It’s kinda hard to find the Wheel of Time series in these kind of paperback style, and discounted to boot. The ones sold in stores are only the minimalistic black cover reprints.

If you have a chance, do pop by for some good deals. We also bought some nice stuff to keep in our “birthday present stash” where we buy interesting stuff at a good deal and keep them to give to our friends, especially to their children or to my son’s friend’s parties.

Here’s a location map on where Citta Mall is at:


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