[Haul] Books and stuff @ BookXCess Flash Sale

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If you love books (not the electronic kind), then do head to BookXcess for their flash sale from 1-4 May 2015. Today is the last day!

Basically, all fictions are going for RM9.90. As long as it is a story book, it doesn’t matter what’s the price tag on the cover – they are all going for RM9.90.

Be careful though; graphic novels and box sets are still at the same price, so if you are buying books for kids, take note that many of them are not at the RM9.90 price. Still not expensive though since most are approximately RM14.90-ish.


These are the stuff I got. Books from the Wheel of Time series since I haven’t collected them all. Sadly I only managed to find 1 from The Spooks series. We also bought some books for the little one as well as this pack of 2 Pokemon capsules only going for RM1.90!



The BookXcess we went to was the one at Amcorp Mall. If you should walk to the other end of the BookXcess store, you will find a shop called Curious Corner, also by BookXcess. Really fun and cool memorabilia sold there, as well as crafting stuff. We got our 3 posters there for only RM80. Magnets were RM14.90 and made from wood.

Kinda broke now. Haha. The other little chibi comic figurines were from a booth outside the store. For those who don’t know, Amcorp Mall has one of the best flea markets in Klang Valley. You can really find a lot of second hand stuff and even antique things. Not like those fake bazaars where a dress will still cost the same as from a store.

BookXcess and Curious Corner is located on the 3rd floor of Amcorp Mall. There is also one at Fahrenheit 88 In KL but not exactly sure where.

By the way, if you have a BookXcess membership card, you get an additional 10% discount on top of sale items. 😆

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