Going Natural – Wild Ferns Kiwifruit Lotion & Body Wash

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Wild Ferns Kiwifruit Lotion & Body Wash OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I never thought organic products were so awesome to use. I was given these Wild Ferns lotion and body wash, and I am so in love with both that I will give no thought to buy them again.

I always thought organic products were made for those who have sensitive skin, and since my skin isn’t, I never really thought about trying or changing. Boy, was I wrong. Here’s my reason why.

Wild Ferns Kiwifruit Body Wash Wild Ferns Kiwifruit Body Wash Wild Ferns Kiwifruit bodywash with seeds Wild Ferns Kiwifruit bodywash with seedsThe body wash I used was Wild Ferns Kiwifruit body wash. This product is from New Zealand and I was told that the brand Wild Ferns is very popular in NZ and is one of the top brands there. It is made out of natural ingredients and does not contain chemicals. The body wash smells heavenly and although the smell of kiwifruit is there, it isn’t cloying or overpowering; just a little leftover scent. In addition, there are little kiwifruit seeds in the body wash, giving your skin a little light scrubbing (not enough to scrub but quite invigorating actually). You don’t have to use a lot of it. For my whole body, just two 20-cent-sized amount was enough to be nice and squeaky clean.

Usually I tend to use drugstore brands for body wash but honestly, I can feel the difference when using Wild Ferns Kiwifruit body wash. Without rubbing my skin much, I can already get rid of all the dirt, which was especially helpful during the hazy season.

The bottle comes sealed on the inside of the cover, so you can be sure it is clean. Haha.

Wild Ferns Kiwifruit Body Lotion Wild Ferns Kiwifruit Body Lotion Everynight application of the lotion Everynight application of the lotionAs for lotions, I can frankly tell you that I don’t enjoy applying lotion as I don’t like my skin sticking on the bed after application. Many lotions take a long time to be absorbed into the skin, and because of that tend to pick up all sorts of little dust and stuff when you lie down or sit somewhere (probably from the surface of cushions and whatnots).

However, I tried the Wild Ferns Kiwifruit body lotion, and totally loved it! The lotion is immediately (maybe a few seconds?) absorbed into my skin after application and does not leave a sticky feeling after.

The lotion is light and doesn’t have a strong overpowering smell even after absorption; just a slight hint of kiwifruit smell. The lotion isn’t sticky and thick, but keeps the skin well moisturised especially when you are 24/7 in a dry air-conditioned office.

Wild Ferns do not only have a kiwifruit range. They also carry the Manuka Honey range that is great for sensitive skin as it is all natural with no chemicals. They also have the Lanolin range (which I swear has no weird milk or sheep smell), which has high moisturising properties, and even a Lanolin range for men.

Wild Ferns in Malaysia can be purchased from The Skintopic in Pavilion, Hartamas Shopping Centre, Subang Parade and The Curve. All Wild Fern products are made in New Zealand, the super-clean land that keeps its nature unspoilt. They have many other products, so do check out their Facebook page and website.



Wild Ferns Kiwifruit Light ‘n’ Luscious Body Wash

No overpowering smell. Moisturising. Love the little seeds.
No pump bottle. Have to pour in hand during shower.
RM78.00 for 250ml bottle.


Wild Ferns Kiwifruit Silky Smooth Body Lotion


Not sticky. Absorbs really fast. Light and moisturising. Smell is not strong.
The pump bottle sometimes screw up and cannot pump properly.
RM78.00 for 250ml bottle.


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