Foaming Goodness – Beautymate Sakura Mousse Cleanser

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Just a short post on this foaming cleanser I’m using right now. I got this at the Beauty Expo 2013 Haul the last time but waited to finish up my cleanser before opening it. Anyway, I kinda like this cleanser. Maybe because I prefer mousse cleansers, just like how I prefer foaming hand wash. Less wastage and doesn’t leave that slippery feeling on the skin, as if I have not washed off properly.

Just a dollop is enough

For the Beautymate Sakura Mousse Cleanser, I feel that I don’t waste, and it leaves my face refreshed after cleansing. The “Sakura” fragrance is not much so there isn’t a strong perfume stuck on my face after cleansing. Surprisingly, my face doesn’t feel dry after washing since I’ve always felt that mousse-type cleansers are more suited for oily skin since they sort of thoroughly wash your face.

Fresh face!

So, this is actually a pretty good buy for facial wash. I don’t use much, and I don’t have overly “moisturised” face that many facial cleansers tend to do, so I actually feel fresh and clean. By the way, avoid taking photos in the morning.. end up with baggy eyes like me here! Hahaha.

Beautymate Sakura Mousse Cleanser

Lovely texture to wash face with. Subtle fragrance. No wastage. No oily “moisturised” residue.

Not easy to find at stores.

RM40 for 150ml bottle.

Watsons, Guardian, Aeon Jusco


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