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We have heard of beauty boxes in Malaysia; in fact there are just so many of them! However, this is the first fashion box in Malaysia that offers both fashion and beauty products in it. Known as Fashion Culture Box, this is the first active fashion box currently in Malaysia. They have just launched their first series, which is the Travel Series and consists of 3 different themes.

fashion culture box

Firstly, the boxes were nicely wrapped and colours are classic black and white. I love the matt laminated box with spot UV on the logo. Looks classy! Inside, it was like opening a present to myself. Wrapped in black thin paper and tied with white ribbon, the crown logo stood out.


opening the box

At opening the ribbon and paper, there is a mini magazine in it called FCZine, as well as bloop nail strips.


I will get into each themes in a bit, but generally, all the 3 themes comes with the latest Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel with SPF 30PA++, as well as my favourite; Nail it! bloop strips! I am a lazy bum who tends to take forever to do nails, so these are a lifesaver. Each box comes with different designs to match the theme.

Each box also comes with lots of vouchers and materials. The FCZine magazine has content such as how to style the scarf that we get in the box, and how to stack arm candies, as well as some travel information and even travel package discounts to the cities of the series! For example: travel to Paris for their Parisian Affair theme, to Maldives for Beach Holiday theme, and to Africa safari for Safari Adventure theme. So, even the promotions are in line with the theme.

Well, I got all three themes and here they are!

Travel Series – Beach Holiday


Travel Series – Parisian Affair


Travel Series – Safari Adventure


I really love all the themes! I think of all the accessories,  my favourite is the scarf. It is something I like but don’t really know which kinda of style to buy, so now with 3 different scarves, I can do a lot more. I especially like tying them on my bag and hair for some colour since I tend to always wear pretty monotone colours.




Here’s some information on how Fashion Culture Box works.

  1. It is a subscription box. Means, you will get your box about 7-14 days after the subscription closes at their website.
  2. Every month, there will be three themes to choose from. It is a mystery box that is in line with the theme you choose, so you can gauge what kind of style it will be. So far, the style is pretty true to the theme.
  3. Each box costs RM58, but if you take the promotion for all 3 themes, there is a discount.

The next series for the month of April is called Operation Occupation. A mouthful to pronounce (lol), basically it consist of three themes – Working Girl, Campus Chic and Socialite. Go check it out at their website at


Fashion Culture Box

Quality of products are pretty decent like what you can get at Forever21, Diva and such. Themes are pretty spot on. Packaging classy. A chance to experiment with unusual accessories and beauty products. Not cluttered with all sorts of brands.

Only available in Malaysia.

RM58 a box.


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    • ladyalie

      Actually my fav scarf is the from the Beach theme. hahaha. Cos its tie-dyed! 😛

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