Drawing the Line – HiShop May Ambassador Pack with Mircoz

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Wow. It really has been a while since I blogged. I blame it on my workload and super tight deadlines. Sigh. Anyway, since I’ve started this job, I need to wear makeup to work everyday and dress professionally. On top of that, I start work pretty early and I am not good at waking up early. Haha. So, since I put on the whole works (minimum compared to some others) – eyeshadow, eyeliner, blusher, lip colour – it would look a little incomplete without properly drawn eyebrows.

Thankfully, I am blessed with thick eyebrows; a pain when it is time to tweeze and clean-up, but otherwise, I won’t frighten my boyfie early in the morning with no eyebrows. However, without well-defined eyebrows, somehow my eyes don’t look as bright and prominent as I want it to be.


So, I was pretty ecstatic to receive this Mircoz Brow Perfect eyebrow colour from HiShop. Did you know that HiShop carries a lot of interesting brands? You really should check it out. Well, at first I was a little puzzled when I took out the applicator from the bottle – did the colour dry up?? But after reading the instructions in the box (open up the box and the instructions are printed INSIDE the box itself. Really cool and doesn’t waste paper. I approve!), I learnt that the Mircoz Brow Perfect is actually in powder form!

Basically, it is like applying eyeshadow-like colour on your brow. But the difference is that the colour lasts really long – whole day in fact – and the applicator is much like a lipgloss applicator making it really easy to apply.

Before and after Before and afterHere I show you the difference with and without application.

There are 3 colours available; Cappuccino, Chocolate and Expresso. The one shown here is in Chocolate, which is the medium shade. I would’ve preferred the Cappuccino colour since I feel having dark eyebrows don’t go as well with my fair complexion and constantly changing hair colour.

In a nutshell, I like this product. Once this is finished, I would probably purchase the lighter coloured one.



Mircoz Brow Perfect


Long lasting. Easy application.
If the applicator takes on too much powder, can drop some on your face/clothing.
RM99.00 for 1g bottle.


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