Stop Removing Your Egg Yolks!

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Time and time again I’ve noticed this perpetual misconception about cholesterol, especially when it comes to eggs. Despite what everyone seem to believe, egg yolks do not increase your cholesterol. So, unless your doctor specifically says so, stop throwing away the good yolk to only eat just the whites!


  1. There are 2 types of cholesterol. Good ones, and bad ones. Bad cholesterol is when you are eating all those fried food and fast food. Eggs contain good cholesterol (unsaturated fats) and only 1.5g of saturated fat in one large egg, which is just a small fraction of saturated fat found in that chunk of butter you just spread on your bread.
  2. A whole egg (yolk AND whites) are filled with good vitamins and minerals, at least 13 different vitamins!
  3. Consuming eggs compared to high animal protein is better for your heart.
  4. Egg whites are full of protein, but egg yolks are full of vitamins and minerals.


Instead of not eating eggs, or removing the yolk, try something else like:

  1. Exercise: Don’t be a lazy-ass and blame the eggs.
  2. Eat more Oats: Oats have been proven by studies to help reduce bad cholesterol. The more soluble fiber you take, the better your chances of lowering your cholesterol.
  3. Practice Moderation: Eggs are good. But that doesn’t mean you are to eat whole eggs in trays.
  4. Stop Eating Junk: Don’t take out the yolk, and instead take soda, fried stuffs and fast foods.

So, the next time someone removes the egg yolk and gives the excuse of “high cholesterol”, you know what to say. (^_^)v

** I am not a doctor, but if you do your research online properly, you can also find information like this. I just thought to put them in an easier way to read. Hehe.

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