Comparison: Naked, Naked 2 and Naked 3

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naked palette urban decay

I am sure there are many, many, many of you who collect Urban Decay Naked Palette. However, for those who are still deciding which to buy, here is a comparison swatch I did with all three Naked Palettes.

all naked palette swatch

I wish the colour swatch here are more prominent. Anyway, the swatches are: top row is Naked, second row is Naked 2, and bottom row is Naked 3. I took these in natural sunlight, and with this comparison swatch, you can tell the difference in all three palettes at a go.

naked palette

This is Naked, this first Naked palette by Urban Decay. The colours here are darker compared to the other two successors. More to brown neutral tones, this would be great for those who tend to prefer natural yet dramatic eye makeup.

naked 2 palette

As for the Naked 2 palette, the colours are more subtle and shimmery. If you see my swatch, you would notice that some colours are so light and sheer that I couldn’t even swatch it properly. Foxy is the lightest of all the colours, but using it as a highlighter would be best, especially if you are more on the tan side and wouldn’t want your eye makeup to look overly “bright”. I feel this palette is great for day wear, and recommended for those who are new in eye shadow application. There is almost no possibility to look like “Chinese Opera” makeup with these natural colours.

naked 3 palette

And this is the latest Naked palette from Urban Decay – the Naked 3 palette. Not yet available in Malaysia (so depressing, right?!), there are lots of pink tones and offers very light colours, as well as stronger warm brown tones. There are some shimmery colours in this mix, so you can add a little playfulness in your eye makeup.

I won’t do a pros and cons for this chapter, as I feel that it all depends on what kind of tones you like, and the style of your makeup. All three Naked palettes are great in its own way, and if possible, it would be awesome to own them all! My only issue with all the three palettes is that some colours are a little patchy and can crumble during application.

My personal favourite? The first Naked palette as I prefer darker eye shadow colours. (>.<)

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  1. shash

    Actually the Naked 3 is available already locally, but they’re just sold out half the time =)
    Thanks for the comparison babe, I also have all 3, but was just wayyy too lazy to swatch em all!
    And I agree with you , Naked 1 is my favourite, still is…
    BTW, Sleek eye shadow palettes are just as great, you should check em out..

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