Color Combos Tea Tree Balancing Mask

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Recently I’ve been going all out on facial masks. Why? Because my skin have been in a pretty bad shape; touching my cheeks is almost like rubbing sandpaper. So since my last splurge at SaSa, I decided to slowly try out each of their masks I bought.

Color Combos Tea Tree Balancing Mask Color Combos Tea Tree Balancing Mask

This here is their Tea Tree Balancing Mask by Color Combos, made in Korea. Despite what many people think, SaSa carries more brands from around the world than those from Taiwan. Anyway, I usually go for hydration masks since I have dry skin but I also do not want to over-hydrate and make my T-zone too oily, hence the balancing mask.

Typical sheet mask packaging although the mask inside does not come with the usual paper sheet. The mask itself was folded so be careful not to tear the mask while unfolding. Although the mask isn’t that thin that you would tear it easily, but better to be safe than sorry, especially since most of us would be used to unfolding the mask with the waxed paper sheeting in it.

The mask was well coated with the solution although I would have preferred if the solution wouldn’t drip down my neck. Makes lying on the bed a little messier. The slits for eyes, nose and mouth was quite a good fit, although the mask size was a wee bit too narrow to cover the side of my face near the ears and the tip of my nose. I must have a really big face for this to happen to me with many face sheet masks.

Coverage of the mask Coverage of the mask

The mask gave my face a little tingly feeling after a few minutes, not too much that my skin would sting, but it created a very cool and minty feeling during application and after removal.

After removal, my face felt fresh and smooth. Although this is not as hydrating as a typical hydration mask, the effect was a general smooth and refreshing feeling. Prior redness and tiredness on my face was also diminished and I felt much of my stress and tiredness lifted. There wasn’t much solution left stuck on my face after removal so I just had to dab the crumpled mask on my face and everything was fully absorbed in 1 minute or so.

Kao Biore Cleansing Oil-In Cotton

Cheap. Nice tingly minty feeling. Refreshing.
Too small for wide faces.


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