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Sothys Siberian Ginseng The Lifeline Energizing Day and Night Cream

Trying to maintain youthfulness is probably one of the hardest thing a woman face. Realistically, I have accepted the fact that with age comes fine lines and such. However, that does not mean I want them to appear so soon. It is not the issue of whether I am getting older or not, it is more of an issue if I start looking haggard and dried out even before I become a grandmother. Anyway, in my last post on Sothys launch, I mentioned its new The Lifeline creams with Siberian Ginseng as its active ingredient. I have finally reviewed both the Energizing Day Cream and the Energizing Night Cream.

Classy inner cover

Generally, I love the packaging. I’ve always loved creams that come in jars instead of tubes. Gives it a more refined look. ON top of that, I feel that the jars tend to keep the creams cool and that feels great when applying on the face in our Malaysian hot and humid weather. Both the Energizing creams are packaged well, with a cover on the inside keeping the cream clean from debris. 

The Energizing Day Cream and Energizing Night Cream have a little difference. The Energizing Day Cream is not as heavy compared to the Energizing Night Cream. However, the texture for both is still quite creamy. Although they are both creamy and can feel too luxurious for your skin, especially when it comes to using the Day Cream, surprisingly, I did not breakout. Usually when I use skincare products that are too thick or too rich, my face tends to get little breakouts, while creams that are too light doesn’t seem to work as fast. So, I am quite happy with the texture of both the Day and Night creams by Sothys.

The fragrance for these creams might feel a little too strong for those of you who are used to fragrance-free products. There is a flowery like fragrance that comes with these creams, however, after a few minutes, you won’t smell it anymore. So it isn’t really much of a bother. I find the fragrance not too heavy or cloying, and at least it does not have that fake fruity smell that some products tend to have.

Texture is nice and creamy

After using both the Energizing Day Cream and Energizing Night Cream for about a month or so (not regularly since sometimes I just fall asleep before putting on any skincare. Haha), my skin has become smoother and there is a reduction of fine lines. Personally, I actually think my skin has become radiant and not flaky. I used to have a problem with dry skin on certain areas and normal on some, so at times using night creams and heavier day creams tend to either give me breakouts, or make my skin too oily. Both creams here are absorbed quite fast, so you can sleep after a few minutes from applying your cream without smearing it on your pillow instead.

In a nutshell, I think Sothys The Lifeline creams are quite worth the dollar. They don’t finish fast since you don’t have to slather on too much; just a little dollop will be enough to cover your face and neck with a thin layer. Don’t overdo it by slathering it on like how you would with a less-rich cream.

Sothys Energizing Day Cream

Rich and smooth to apply. Not overly creamy. Fragrance disappears after a few minutes.
A little too rich to put under makeup.
RM590 per 50ml jar.
All Sothys flagship salons and Sothys Premium Salons nationwide.


Sothys Energizing Night Cream

Lovely, rich and smooth texture. Absorbs quickly. Leaves skin smooth the next morning.
Some people might not like the fragrance before sleeping.
RM590 per 50ml jar.
All Sothys flagship salons and Sothys Premium Salons nationwide.


  1. Sabrina

    finally found where I could buy the energizing day cream in malaysia. I got the sample from a french magazine. Although my skin is super oily, I have no problem wearing this day cream before piling on sunscreen. I think it has brought back the oil-water balance in my skin as my skin feels so much less oily after application but Rm590! GASP! Thanks for the review.

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