Tired of small, unfashionable screens? Check out BenQ EW2440L 24″Full LED Monitor

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While I’m in the midst of reviewing other beauty items, there is always a new gadget to play around with. This time it is a monitor from BenQ. Despite what many people think about desktops and monitors going obsolete, they can’t be more wrong. I still own a desktop (mainly to play games with), and I also own a laptop to do my daily work with.

BenQ EW2440L

One of the few things about monitors that I usually find a problem with is the looks. Many of them just don’t look nice sitting on the desk, with plastic-like bezels that shine and filled with oily fingerprints. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box of the BenQ EW2440L 24″ monitor. It is sleek, slim and looks sophisticated. It was really easy to assemble, only needing to tighten ONE screw with a tool. It has an Edge-to-Edge design, meaning the screen does not have a “frame” around it. In addition, the monitor stand does not have one of those shiny plastic-like finish, but a wood-like finish in black.

BenQ EW2440L base


P/S: Ignore the little specks of dust since it was sitting out and I suppose it was dusty in the office. (^///^)

Some of you might think that, “Hey, I don’t need a monitor since I have a laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc”. But you know, if you have tried to plugged your smartphone into this monitor, you will find that you don’t want to watch anything or play games directly on your phone anymore. Haha.

Because the monitor looks stylish, placing it in the bedroom or study room does not look out of place. The speakers are at the back of the monitor, and the Input/Output port is placed right in the spine of the monitor at the back, making it easy to remove any wiring. Did you know, there is even a phone holder right at the bottom of the monitor? You can place your smartphone there, while it is connected to the monitor, to watch movies with. There is also a Speaker-Only mode, where you can listen to music from your smartphone, while the monitor screen is dark.

Flicker-free monitor

The main feature of the BenQ EW2440L monitor is not just its ability to be compatible with smartphone devices, it has Low Blue Light and Flicker Free.

What is Low Blue Light?

Blue light from LCDs actually damages your eyes as its wavelength is quite close to harmful UV rays. Studies have shown that blue light from sunlight, monitors and florescent lamps may cause macular degeneration or sleeping disorder.

What is Monitor Flickering and it being Flicker Free?

Monitor flickering is quite common, and although it is common, the flickering of the brightness in that split second can cause eye strain and headaches. However, the BenQ EW40 is Flicker Free, removing backlight flickering from any brightness level. You can check whether your monitor has flickering by using a camera to take a picture of your monitor when in use. If you can see horizontal lines across the screen, that means your monitor is flickering.


BenQ EW40 Monitor

Value for money. Looks stylish, slim and easy to assemble. No flickering. Doesn’t strain the eyes.

If you have too many input/output wiring, could look messy if the monitor’s back is not facing wall/hidden.

SRP RM799.



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