[Adv] Be MrLens Affiliate Partner and earn some extra ka-ching!

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Trying to earn extra money every month is not easy. Basically, having just one day job never seems enough for me. Well, since I have a blog and I’ve been trying to be as active as I can with my day job workload, I thought, why not try putting a really helpful banner for my readers. Honestly, I don’t enjoy spamming nonsense on my blog or on my social media networks as I think it can be pretty annoying. However, contact lenses is one thing I buy a lot of especially since I can’t wear specs for long hours.

MrLens MrLens

So, anyway, I joined MrLens Affiliate Partner to earn a little extra cash. If you don’t know who MrLens is, well, this is an e-commerce site which sells many well-known contact lens brands. I have used their services time and time again and find them reputable. I have had bad experience with many contact lens sellers who are cheap but do not practice good customer services or quality control. Do check out their website for the list of products they carry. I would advise those who wear contact lenses for long hours as replacement for specs to not buy cheap fashion lenses as these can be quite detrimental to your eyes. For short hours is ok, but for everyday use, get something more reliable. I have had lenses scratching my cornea and it was not a fun experience.

Now, back to the subject here. To become MrLens Affiliate Partner, you are basically putting up banners on either your blog or social media networks. If anyone clicks the banner and purchase something, you will earn commission from the sales. You just need to sign up and the rest will be handled by MrLens side. For more information, you can visit their FAQ.

Interested? Just try it! It doesn’t cost you anything, and who knows? You might earn a little something on the side. It is a useful product after all. Haha.

To join MrLens Affiliate Program, just register here at their website.

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