Baby Room @ Citta Mall, Ara Damansara

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Hubs and I popped by the baby changing/nursing room at Citta Mall when we were there for dinner. The way the place was done up is great with ample amount of space and facilities. It is REALLY big. The nursing rooms are big enough to even accommodate your husband or another kid. Only drawback is the location, which can be a little too quiet up on the second floor.

The place is apparently cctv secured although I can’t seem to find where they hid the cameras. There is a play area for toddlers as well, which is great, especially if you need to change the other baby or breastfeed the younger one.

There is also a toilet for children and at least 4 large spacious changing stations. Love those to bits! I don’t have to manoeuvre around people or wait to get a screaming baby changed. Everything was pretty clean although a little run down, especially the paint on the walls. At least the place smells clean and surfaces are kept pretty spotless as well.

The air-conditioning works pretty well here, so I was actually surprised no one was taking advantage of the place such as sleeping in there and such. Maybe the patrolling guards keep an eye on the place as well.

Here are some photos of the place. A little run down but much better than a lot of other places I’ve been to. In fact, some malls don’t even have a baby/nursing area. 😠








  • Love the connecting toilet.
  • Love the large spaces.
  • Well-equipped even for toddlers.
  • No hot water for milk so BYO.
  • Hate that its too quiet and lonely at night especially.




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