Baby Room @ Paradigm Mall, Selangor

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Yup! I’m starting a compilation and reviews on baby-friendly locations. Since I now have an infant, and a 7 year old boy, sometimes it is just such a pain to find places that offers decent baby rooms. Not only do I have to think about feeding and cleaning a fussy little one, I also have to drag the older boy together as well if the hubby is not with me.

Anyway, to start the ball rolling, here’s a little review on Paradigm Mall’s baby room.

The baby room can be found on every floor, right at the centre section of each floor, just by the toilets. I’ve been to 2 different rooms at different floors, and the difference is the paint job. Haha. The one featured here is the pink room, located just across from Sushi Zanmai in Paradigm.


Generally, the place is quite clean, and there is an adequate number of facilities offered here such as:

  • Toilet paper
  • Paper napkins
  • Hot/Lukewarm drinking water
  • Sink
  • Changing table
  • 2 x breastfeeding “rooms”
  • Toilet


The changing table is in a really odd position though. I find it hard having to put baby sideways to change her. And the surface is kind of rounded with no “walls”, making it dangerous for babies that can turn over or crawl already, especially if you are alone with no one to hold the baby while you do stuff.


The room is a little cramp, only 1 person can use the changing station at a time. I was a little pissed one time when I wanted to go inside past the changing area to the breastfeeding room, but 2 women was trying to change one little boy which is fine except that they had to bring in their huge stroller and place in right smack in the middle of the room against the door. Please, do everyone a favour if you should use this room and place your stroller outside, taking only your valuables in with you.


The breastfeeding rooms are located at the back, with 2 leather sofas for feeding, so 2 persons can use it at a time. Only problem is there is only one entrance, and both areas are separated by a curtain. So, if I was on the inner area, I have to go past someone else feeding halfway to get out. (^///^)


My favourite facility in this baby room is the connecting toilet. There is a basin, ample space next to basin, and WC. The toilet is really clean, considering how Malaysian toilet standards are, this here is almost like home. This is convenient especially if you need to wash your baby/toddler’s bum. By the way, you really should never wash butt at the sinks. That’s really gross. (>.<)

For myself, this is great when I have the older boy around and he too needs to go to the loo, I don’t have to take him to the toilet down the corridor.









  • Love the connecting toilet.
  • Hate the changing surface/table.
  • Decent sized, could be better, but it’s serviceable unless encountering “difficult” people.
  • It is on every floor, so don’t need to walk too much to get to one, especially when the little one is screaming. (>.<)


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