Stop Removing Your Egg Yolks!

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Time and time again I’ve noticed this perpetual misconception about cholesterol, especially when it comes to eggs. Despite what everyone seem to believe, egg yolks do not increase your cholesterol. So, unless your doctor specifically says so, stop throwing away … Continued

What to Expect in the Samsung Galaxy S5

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Fresh from Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, let’s take a quick look on what Samsung has to offer for its new Samsung Galaxy S5. Main focus of the Galaxy S5 1. Health and Fitness using Fingerprint technology. 2. Do … Continued

Gourmet Cupcakes @ Twelve Cupcakes

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For those who did not catch my last news announcement on the latest cupcake joint in town, here’s a little review on the cupcakes served at Twelve Cupcakes. This new store is located at Sunway Pyramid, facing the skating ring … Continued

How to Upload Ringtones to Galaxy S4 using Kies Air

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Having a normal ringtone is kinda boring, isn’t it? By putting you own personalised ringtone, not only can you recognise the sound of your own phone ringing, it gives something you use ever so often a little more character. Anyway, … Continued