Light Cheesecake Cupcakes with Topping | Alie’s Kitchen

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For those who were at church for the Christmas service and breakfast session last month, would remember the little cheesecake cupcake bites I made that had 2 different toppings – one with Santa hat, and another with raspberry compote and … Continued

Preventing Stretch Marks with Wild Stretch Mark Ointment from Luxola

My tummy has been stretching a lot and it is starting to itch quite a bit… quite annoyingly as well. To prevent stretch marks, I have always been using cocoa butter creams, but somehow this time round I find the … Continued

Pregnancy Woes

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Remember when I was blogging about the first 3 months being really too sick to write or work? Well, that was the first trimester. The second trimester was the best, being able to eat anything I like without throwing up … Continued