[Adv] An Ode to Pink – Pink Note 2 for Pink Lovers

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Pink is my favourite colour Pink is my favourite colour

Whenever I see anything pink in colour regardless of its shade, the first thing that comes to my mind is this…

Somehow, I always sing this song when I think of pink. Funny how the artist called Pink never crossed my mind. Anyway, there have been instances where people I’ve just met asks me why do I like pink so much. Honestly, I can’t find a factual answer to that. It’s like asking someone why they like beer, or marshmallows, or fluffy stuff. However, I can say that pink exudes an aura of femininity with just a dash of cuteness.

Whenever I feel like a little girl, I wear pink. If I’m down and depressed because of my sloppy dresscode to work, I put on pink nail polish. Whenever I’m planning a romantic date with my lover, I put on baby pink frilly clothes and accessories. When I want to be all feminist and rebellious, I go all out with something in neon pink! I suppose you can say pink the colour of female emotions.

My Melody facial mask in PINK My Melody facial mask in PINK

Having said that, I think I have tons of pink coloured everything at home. From bags to nail polishes, clothes to soft toys, and tons of pink packaged products. Now, the only thing missing right now is a PINK PHONE. Currently I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S3 in white, which happens to be my second favourite colour, and now I just found out that Samsung has just released a new Note 2 in pink!! Not the Almost-Red kinda pink, but a beautiful, sweet pastel baby pink which is very much like how I like it!

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Pink with S-Pen Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Pink with S-Pen

Other than the colour of the Note 2, there are also other reasons. For one, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has the S-Pen which is very useful when taking notes, putting down ideas and drawings without having to dig in the black hole of a handbag to look for a pen and some paper. I’ve also tried using my finger as a pen for my S3 but somehow everything I write and draw looks as if I used a sausage instead.

Drawing a neko using the S-Pen Drawing a neko using the S-Pen

Since I’m using the S3, I know all the cool features which can be found and more in the Note 2 as well. The way photos and documents are files and accessed makes it easier for someone like me who is always on the go, who tend to get ideas when I’m in the toilet (*ahem*), shopping or stuck at the traffic light.

S-Pen in baby pink S-Pen in baby pink

OK, I gotta admit. The main reason I really really REALLY want the new Pink Samsung Note 2 is because, well, it is PINK! Even the S-Pen is pink! I don’t need to try to satisfy my girlish pink fantasies by putting my phone in a pink casing while the front side is still in black/white/silver.

Anyway, I managed to put my little paws on the pink Note 2 at Midvalley Gardens Mall Samsung Store. You really should pop by and take a look at it. I’m very sure all my pinky friends would fall in love with it at first sight. By the way, take note that the pink Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is limited edition so it might run out if you don’t decide to get it ASAP.

For more information on the new Pink Note 2, do visit their Facebook or follow onĀ Twitter.

Here are more photos on how the Pink Samsung Galaxy Note 2 looks like. <3

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