A Lovely Makeup Workshop with Mary Quant

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Did you know that Mary Quant is one of the oldest cosmetic brands in the market? And with good reason! They have a myriad of colours, even funky bright ones should you like to experiment with makeup colours. In this intimate makeup workshop held just last Sunday, myself and a few selected others were able to get some lessons from Japanese makeup artist Takaki-san who has been with Mary Quant for 7 years.

During the workshop, I learnt that it is vital to prep the face properly before applying any makeup. This gives the complexion a better, smoother finish. Firstly, start of with toner and moisturiser. Next is the primer. If you read my previous post on Mary Quant, I mentioned this two products I thought awesome: Oil Zap (RM119/20g) and Moisture Zap (RM129/30g).

Oil Zap is a primer that controls excessive sebum and reduce that oily shine on face. Usually used on T-zone as this area is the oiliest part. Moisture Zap is another primer that prevents dry skin, so the skin doesn’t look dried up and allows the skin to look smoother under foundation. This primer is usually used for the rest of the face. For eye primer, there is Mary Quant Eye Gloss (RM79/8.5g) that covers dark circles and brightens the eye.

Personally, I prefer to use powder foundation. Maybe it’s because I am too lazy to use liquid (too much hassle), and I like to feel my face instead of caking it up with a thick layer of foundation. Mary Quant Smoo Make (RM108/10g) is a powder foundation that gives a matte finish to your face. I’m using R20 which is a natural colour for fair people. Not too white as I don’t want to look like a ghost. Haha. Don’t forget to also apply Mary Quant Loose Face Powder (RM109/27g) to set your foundation.

After the foundation is all nice and prepped, that is when you can start your colouring. Draw your eyebrow first to open up the eyes. Many people don’t realise that by drawing the eyebrows to the perfect shape, your entire face will look slimmer and brighter. I used Mary Quant Brow Line (RM59) Chestnut Brown 02 as this is the middle shade compared to the darker Charcoal Grey 01, or the Camel Brown 03.

In this workshop, we were taught to use 4 colours in our eyeshadow application using Mary Quant Eye Opener Powder Eye Shadow (RM49). The lightest N01 (a white-like colour) for the entire eyelid area, R-02 (Rose colour) for the inner corner, P-06 (Light Purple) for the middle part of the lid, and V-01 (Violet) for the outer corner of the lid to define the eyes. Mary Quant’s colours are not too strong and easy to glide on as they are all very creamy.

To further enhance the eye, I used Out Line Colour Pencil (RM59) to line the eyes. Mary Quant offers 19 different shades, not just your usual Black/Brown/Grey. I played with 2 colours, using Colour 18 (Red) and Colour 01 (Black), with Red on the top and Black touching the lash line. As for Action Lashings Lengthening Mascara (RM109), I used Bohemian Purple 06) just for fun.

After all the makeups
After all the makeups

Last touches to the face is the blush. Using 2 colours from Mary Quant’s Blush Baby (RM75), I used a pink 09 for the cheek area, and 02 pale pink to highlight cheekbones. Top it off with Mary Quant Moisture Rich Lipstick (RM108) and Colourshine For Lips (RM99) lipgloss. For a fuller pout, you can use V-03 (Violet) for the whole lip, then use a lip brush to apply R-01 (Red) on the inner part of the lips, and top it off with Colourshine Lip Gloss in Rosy Shine 06 on your pout. A cool ombre pout!

Phew, it was a fun day playing with the many colours offered by Mary Quant and you can probably see that in my super long post. Haha. We had yummy sponge cake from Donutes after while everyone was busy taking selfies.


Btw, here’s how the model looked after the demo.

Whenever you have the chance, do pop by Muse by Watsons in Sunway Pyramid to check out the lovely makeup Mary Quant offers. I think I shall get the Oil Zap and Moisture Zap next!

Check out their international website at: mq.maryquant.co.uk

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