A Colourful Afternoon – Mary Quant Workshop

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It is always fun to play with colours. And to learn more tips and tricks about makeup and the uses of so many different type of products. A few of us were invited to attend Mary Quant workshop and I got a first hand experience on how the its products are actually used and its effect in making one look good.

Mary Quant UK OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Muse with Watsons OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve longed heard of Mary Quant so I was quite eager to see what they have to offer here in Malaysia. This brand is pretty popular in Japan, and I hope that the way it is made caters to Asian skin tone. I was not disappointed. (^_^)

The workshop was held at Muse by Watson in Sunway Pyramid, located on LG floor of the old wing. The workshop opened with a makeup demonstration by Japanese makeup artist Nobuko Takaki-san using Mary Quant products that are available in Malaysia. She prepped the model’s face with a few products; Moisture Milk and Moisture Cream from the Special Recipe range, Oil Zap which provides a dry, matte finish to prevent makeup from coming off, as well as the Oil Free Foundation from the Obedient Finish range. It may sound a lot here, but the products are not sticky and quite lightweight.

I loved the Oil Zap the most as it makes the skin feels very smooth to touch! (I touched the model’s skin so I know.)


Start with drawing the eyebrow OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANext was eyebrows with the Brow Line range, which comes in 3 shades – Charcoal Grey (01), Chestnut Brown (02) and Camel Brown (03). Then the eyeshadow which was really creamy and to apply. I prefer the eyeshadows with glitter as I found them much creamier, but since they have about 60 shades to choose from, you are gonna be spoilt for choice. The liquid eyeliner is the wand type, and although I was never really good with the wand liquid eyeliners, the ones from Mary Quant are actually easier to use than I initially thought. The wand is short and you can apply a nice straight line. And the waterproofness is great. Did not smear, but be careful! If you accidentally drew a wrong dot, you need makeup remover to get it off. Great to last the whole day though.

Mary Quant many fun mascara colours OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

If you’re a fan of playful mascaras, you would be glad to hear that Mary Quant has  7 mascara colours! From the usual Ebony Black (01), Barbwire Grey (02) to the playful colours of Ivy Green (03), Laurel Green (04), Brighton Blue (05), Bohemian Purple (06) and Lac Rose (07).

These lengthening mascara comes in a Coil and Chip form instead of brush; one side has short raised bristles, and the other side is to separate the lashes so it doesn’t have a clumpy look.

Left: Before makeup. Right: After Left: Before makeup. Right: AfterTakaki-san used Mary Quant’s Out Line Colour Pencil to line the bottom of the eye; instead of the usual black or brown, she used a red. These Colour Pencils can be used for both as pencil eyeliners or lip liner. There are also lots of colours to choose from – 19 colours to be exact.

As for the blusher, that has 14 different colours, instead of just using one colour, she used 2 shades to contour and a white to highlight the nose, forehead and chin. I need those!

Takaki-san finished off with lipstick and a lipgloss. The lipgloss comes in 2 types; some are translucent, some have a slight colour so you can use it without lipstick.


Left: Before Mary Quant, Right: After. Left: Before Mary Quant, Right: After.Woah. By the time she finished her demonstration, I wanted to play around with all the colours. There was so many to choose from, but honestly, I have no idea why I used the silver and black instead of the colours. Hahahaha. Must’ve been overwhelmed. But it was really fun, and I played with the purple mascara. Too bad I couldn’t take a better shot to show you how fun the colour was after using.

Anyway, sorry for the super long post unlike my usual sweet and short ones. I am going to pop by Muse by Watsons in Sunway Pyramid again to grab some of the products there. First few grabs? Oil Zap, Obedient Finish liquid foundation and the white blusher to highlight. Mary Quant gave a really awesome goodie bag, so I want to buy a few more stuff to complete my set. Do check out my photo gallery!

(and yes, my hair is purple at the moment. thinking what to do next. haha)

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