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Herbal drink sachets for womb health Herbal drink sachets for womb health

Ever since I stopped my birth control pills, I’ve been having angry hormones. Menstrual cycle went wonky, face breakout, putting on loads of weight and the worst is having abdominal cramps during ovulation and during menstruation. Instead of taking more drugs, I’ve decided to try going herbal instead and tried Moon’s InnerGlow 21, a 21-day feminine rejuvenation programme by Daveleen.

This pack consists of 21 sachets. There are three groups of sachets – Inner Cleanse, Regulate, Strengthen. They each have its own uses and has to be taken in stages.These sachets are made from processed herbs and instead of having to boil them traditionally, all you need to do is empty the sachet in a glass of hot water, stir, and it’s done!

First Stage - Cleanse First Stage - CleanseThe first 3 sachets are for Inner Cleansing and should be taken from the first day of menstruation till the third. It “promotes blood circulation and relieves pain while cleansing toxins in the body”.

I am not sure if it was cleansing or not since I can’t see my insides (lol), but my cramps were better although did not go away immediately.

However, during the next menstruation, I had minimal cramps, so it did help.

By the way, amongst all of the 3 types of sachet groups, this is tastes the nicest.


Second Stage - Regulate Second Stage - RegulateThe next batch of sachets consists of 7 sachets and is used for “Correction of the womb”, which I am assuming is to get the womb and hormones to a more regular and consistent hormonal output. It “improves vital energy, regulates menstruation, improves blood circulation and relieves abdominal pains”.

By the way, just to let you all know, this is not a miracle drug ya. Must always remember that when it comes to herbal medication, it is a long term investment, not immediate like drugs. Herbal products work slowly, but is less damaging and builds your body slowly.


Third stage - Strengthen Third stage - StrengthenThe final batch of the drink consists of 11 sachets, the longest period for this programme. This final stage is to help “improve blood circulation, regulate menstruation and invigorate vital energy”. This batch tastes the worst in my opinion. Haha. How I wish they all tasted like the first batch. It is not too horrible, it is just not as nice tasting as the first batch.

The verdict. After this 21-day programme, there was some significant difference. My menstruation cycle is still not accurate, but it isn’t as wonky as it used to be (like 2 weeks, then 30 days, then 26 days). I do not get cramps anymore, although I still get bloated and a little tired when I am menstruating. So far so good! The flow of my menstruation is not as thick, although it is heavy for first 2 days. Pretty good. And I didn’t need to take any drugs.

This programme is not just for those who are suffering from menstrual cramps; those who are trying to get pregnant can also take this to build a healthier womb. If you also did not have a proper post-natal confinement, you can also take these drinks to strengthen the womb.


Moon’s InnerGlow 21

Herbal supplement. No drugs. Gentle way of cleansing & strengthening.
Must remember to take one sachet everyday. Don’t miss it!
RM338.00 for box of 21 sachets (1 month dosage)

43, Jalan SS 2/3, 47300, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

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