SexyLook Extra Brightening Duo Mask

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Actually I have already tested this mask a while ago but have just been too busy to process the photos. I got this mask from Secretive Online together with the My Melody face mask which I have reviewed quite a while ago. You can find it in my archive.

5 pieces per box

This mask comes in a box of 5 pre-packaged pieces. The SexyLook range of masks are 3D masks, which means it is suppose to cover your chin area as well. Nothing much to say about packaging other than that it is very basic and utilitarian.

When I removed the mask, the paper was well doused with the solution – at least they didn’t stinge on the amount. Some masks tend to come pre-packaged but the paper isn’t well soaked. However, I have one big, big gripe about this mask – it doesn’t fit my face! I know I have a round shaped face and not a small perfectly “kuaci” shaped, but honestly, this is just ridiculous. Since the mask is 3D, it was suppose to reach until the bottom on my chin, and the sides had a little slit, probably to loop it around your ear so you can have a fully moisturized face. But if you look at my photos, it definitely did not fit. So, basically, this mask is meant for small faced people.

As for the 3D part of the mask (meaning the pieces meant to cover your chin), I definitely prefer the Lovemore My Melody 3D mask as reviewed before. This mask has pieces that are suppose to cover your chin area, however, I find that the pieces are hard to adhere to the chin since gravity will cause it to drop. The SexyLook mask is somewhat like a jigsaw where you gotta arrange the cutouts to your face. I suppose it is meant to cover faces of different size and shape, but if that is the case, they shouldn’t have made the overall shape so small! ヽ(゜Q。)ノ?

After leaving the mask on for about 10-15 minutes, my skin did feel softer and it was nice and cool to touch. However, due to the mentholatum ingredient in the mask, I recommend not to do a face scrub before this mask. I did, and it kinda stings.

It costs about RM20.74 (at time of writing) for a pack of 5 which means 1 piece would cost about RM4.15. Not too bad, but remember, if you have a face like mine, then you probably can’t fit in it.


SexyLook Extra Brightening Duo Mask


Cheap and generous in its mask coaking solution.
Too small for big faces. Mentholatum can cause stinging if used after scrub.
Approx RM24.74 per piece.


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