Orange Themed – ChatOn Official Launch @ Butter Factory

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For the past month or so I have been extremely busy. So busy I don’t even have time to message my mom as much as I used to. But I managed to find a little break to attend ChatOn official launch in Butter Factory, just to be part of the festivities, meet up fellow ChatOn users and enjoy the fun stuff ChatOn would be doing that day. Kinda a ‘release stress’ sorta break.

ChatOn Official Launch @ Butter Factory ChatOn Official Launch @ Butter Factory

Anyway, I was a little late getting there, since I had work and had to wait for the boyfie to finish work as well… not to mention traffic in KL is kinda unpredictable – jam, or more jam. Haha.

The theme was orange and it took me a while to find something orange in colour. Haha. Not the most popular colour in my wardrobe since I tend to go for the more ‘slimming’ dark colours.

Got there and I managed to get free drink from Starbucks! Not coffee, but a tea frappachino. Nice.. got my goodie bag (which held a cool ChatOn pillow which is now in my car.) But since I was late, I didn’t get to take a booth photo. So sad. T_T

There was a cool dance to kick off the launch; very K-pop-like. The dancers were quite good actually. I have seen dancers who dance like ‘wanna-die-cannot-die’ (in Hokkien we say ‘ai si mai si’) but these girls were very exuberant. And my favourite? The mascot of ChatOn that somehow reminds me of a little albino pumpkin. Haha. I think it is cute. (^^)

We were then treated to a short speech by Mr Vincent Chong, Head of Mobile Phone Division at Samsung Malaysia Electronics. And proceeded to a nice buffet dinner. Best stuff? Free beer. Yay!

Alie & Carrot-Tie Guy Alie & Carrot-Tie Guy

Before attending the event, the organisers announced that there would be prizes for the Best Dressed. My favourite was this guy who wore a carrot as a tie! Hahahahahahah! Took a photo with him so I can laugh at it again later.

The highlights of the evening were the Best Dressed Contest performance on stage. There were 2 categories – one for girls and one for the boys. It was hilarious as these contestants were asked to so a little catwalk-dance. Some of these performance was so funny, I laughed till I got stiches on my side. I didn’t really agree with the results though as I felt it was more like a popularity contest. People cheered just because they knew that person, not because the person was good. Oh well. There were 2 winners in each category, and they all won a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini each. Wow. Guess it was worth all the effort!

My only rant for the night was that, I didn’t bring a camera. Haha. It was dark so it would have been better if I brought something that could give out better light. Sigh.

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