No More Ulcers, No More Bleeding Gums with TruCare Toothpaste

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TruCare Nano SIlver Toothpaste

Bleeding gums is such a pain. I really hate having to wake up and taste iron in my mouth. On top of that, I keep getting ulcers and I have sensitive gums to boot. Surprisingly I have pretty strong teeth though. Boyfie also tends to get bleeding gums very often – in fact, he gets it every morning and night and every time he brushes his teeth. So, it is to our delight that we are able to review this new toothpaste called TruCare, that is a nano silver toothpaste formulated with nano colloidal silver, known for its effective anti-bacterial properties.

We take toothpaste for granted and think any brand will suffice. But there are differences. I have used many brands as I have sensitive gums that is prone to bleeding and ulcers, so I have tried many different ones. Honestly speaking, TruCare is one of the best toothpaste I have tried so far. It is minty, but not so much so that your mouth feels tingly after brushing.

Alie using TruCareFirst off, I so happen to have ulcers (again!) before trying TruCare so it was a good time as any to do so. After just brushing my teeth normally and not using any ulcer medication or mouthwash, my ulcers healed quickly in less than 3 days! I don’t have to put medication before sleeping and such, which is really tedious and being a lazy-bum, I tend to procrastinate then forget. I just brushed my teeth with TruCare as usual, and rinsed. That’s it. Less than 3 days later, ulcers are gone! (Sorry for such ugly photos. There is just no other way to make this look pretty. Haha)

Ulcers before and after TruCare

Boyfie using TruCareSecondly, my boyfie tested it. His gums tend to bleed every single time he brushes his teeth and this is not because his toothbrush has hard bristles. Even with mouthwash, he still gets bleeding gums every now and then. However, after using TruCare for a few days, the bleeding reduced with use, and eventually stopped. By the way, this doesn’t mean you don’t have to go for dental checkup ya!

Brushing with TruCare toothpaste

Basically, you don’t have to use much toothpaste. Just a little on the edge of your toothbrush and that is enough to brush your teeth. You don’t need to follow how advertisements do it by squeezing a brush full of toothpaste from one end to another. That is for filming purposes only since it would look nicer that way.

For more information, you can visit TruCare Facebook page or their website.

TruCare toothpaste

TruCare Nano Silver Toothpaste

Gums stop bleeding. Ulcers disappear. Not too minty but feels fresh after brushing.
May not be as easy to find in every store at the moment.
RM14.50 for 95g. INTRO PRICE: RM9.90 till 31 Jan 2014
Village Grocer, and more


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