MBO Citta Mall, Ara Damansara

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Lego wall closeup Lego wall closeup

We are all so used to watching movies at TGV or GSC here in Malaysia. Have you ever been to MBO theaters? Just so you know, there is one now at Ara Damansara, inside Citta Mall. This cinema is newly opened and I’ve just visited it last weekend.

First Impression
I laughed out loud, literally, when I stepped onto the cinema floor. Why the Legoland look? Told boyfie that my little boy would definitely love this place since it looks very much like a child’s playground. The ceiling is littered with large Lego blocks and there is even a wall fully covered with real Lego blocks! I wonder if these are recycled ones since Citta Mall is a green mall. The entrance was also like a playland with children blocks as the entrance arch. Although I find all these cute, I really wonder what are they trying to do with such childish deco. Are they trying to gain more children audience? Just don’t really make much sense.

In general, the service staff here are quite friendly and helpful even when I am just asking for information and not buying tickets. And they can speak English. Not trying to be condescending, but I believe that although Bahasa Melayu is our national language here in Malaysia, service staff should learn to speak in decent English in order to cope with expats and tourists.

Since this place is quite new, it was not crowded or filled with noisy, unruly people. Quite nice since we lived nearby, crowds are something we try to avoid on daily basis… other than traffic of course.

Woohoo! The price here can be pricey for some, going at RM14.50 for Digital 2D movie. However, since it was a weekend after 6pm, I’m not that surprised. GSC Midvalley is RM15 per seat on Sundays, and TGV is about RM14 per seat. So, although some people complain about the price here, I think in general, the price of cinema tickets for each cinema differ depending on location, time and hall type.

Concession Stand
If you are a fan of Coca-Cola and the drinks from this company, you would be disappointed to know that MBO only serves Pepsi and its line of drinks. Well, you can always go for plain water. We didn’t have a chance to try their pop corn yet, maybe next time. Since the place is not crowded, you don’t have to line up too long for your snacks. I also see quite a number of staff so hopefully when the number of visitors go up, they are still able to cope with the demand.

Golden brick road? Golden brick road?Surroundings
Check out my gallery. You will find the entire decor a little cute although bizarre. Maybe it is to keep us entertained since it was quite a walk to each cinema – and we so happen had the LAST one, so it was a long walk. Call me childish, but even mom was kind of amused by the decor. They had clouds, more Lego blocks, more building blocks and even a corridor lines with those funny mirrors that change your look.

The Hall
I’ve been to the MBO at Subang Parade. Well, since this here is a new cinema, they had a chance to make some¬†improvements. And they did. The seats are a little bit wider and leg space was quite alright. The air conditioning was not cold enough though. It was just right for a small number of visitors, but if it was a full house, I am unsure if it would be stuffy or not.

I find it a tad strange that the lights in the hall was turned off although it was early and nothing was playing on screen. This made it difficult to navigate especially for older folks. Although all the lights were off, there were some Red Indians and Cowboy silhouettes on the walls… makes me wonder; maybe they wanted us to enjoy the glowing wall hangings which is why they decided to keep the lights off. Despite the darkness, I can’t fanthom why during the movie, they kept the lights in the film room on, which means there is a little white glow coming from the back of our heads which is a tad bit annoying.

Sound and Sight
Overall, the sound system was pretty good and the picture quality was great. Since it was a new cinema, they shouldn’t be having these problems anyway. I would however, prefer the sound to be a little louder for an even more grandoise effect.. but hey, that’s just me.

MBO Citta Mall, Ara Damansara 

New. Smells good. No unruly crowd. Sound and picture good.
Can be costly to some. Aircond not cold enough. Long walk.


MBO Cinemas
3rd Floor, Citta Mall
No. 1 Jalan PJU 1A/48,
PJU 1A Ara Damansara,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

+603-7734 7975


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