L’Occitane – Now in Gurney Paragon Penang

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Just a week or so ago I was in Penang and attended a media get-together to learn about the new stuff L’Occitane has to offer soon as well as take a good look at their new outlet at Gurney Paragon in Penang. Gurney Paragon has just been launched and there are lots of new retail outlets there which many Penangites would love to shop at. L’Occitane’s new outlet is located at Level 2 in Gurney Paragon, and if you have trouble looking for it, you can always download the Gurney Paragon mall mobile app on Android or IOS.


Anyway, I felt the L’Occitane outlet here at Gurney Paragon is a little different from many others I have been to with bright lighting, and clean, neat layout. There was even an actual distiller at the outlet! You should check it out by going to Gurney Paragon.

For those who have not heard of L’Occitane; well, basically it is a French brand of skincare products that originated from Provence, France. Pronounced as “LOH-CEE-TAHN”, although its products are made from natural ingredients, it is not an organic brand of products although it does have an organic range. All L’Occitane’s products are made from products directly imported from France except for Shea Butter, which is from Burkina Faso village in Africa.


If you visit the L’Occitane outlet in Gurney Paragon, you will realise that even the packaging and the decor are made out of natural materials. The coolest thing about its products is the fact that is packaging have Braille labelling as L’Occitane believes in supporting the visually impaired group of people.

Anyway, if you are anywhere around Gurney area in Penang, do hop over to L’Occitane at Gurney Paragon.

Lot 163D-2-13, Level 2
Gurney Paragon Mall
+604-218 9811

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