I Love Dropbox! – Shoot with S4, Then Transfer

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I love cloud storage especially Dropbox. If you own a Galaxy phone (or planning to own one), you really need to know how to use the Dropbox function well. I even taught my dad how to use his S4 with dropbox so I can send him documents and photos easily from PC to phone, phone to phone and phone to PC.

Nowadays, if I needed to travel for events, especially right smack in the middle of super-duper-congested KL, I tend to use my Galaxy S4 camera instead of lugging around my DSLR. Sure, it would look more “professional” if I carried a DSLR, but the photos from my S4 is good enough to be placed on my blogposts.

I usually only tend to bring my camera along if I needed to take more “fancy” photos, or if I need a zoom lens.

It used to be a pain to transfer photos from phone to PC to watermark them and use them for blogposts, especially if I need to remove the microSD and manually transfer. But now, with Dropbox, it is so much easier.


Now, how do you do it, you may ask. Here’s the easy way:

1. You need a Dropbox account. Get it here.

2. If you are lucky enough to own a new Samsung Galaxy device that gives you free 50GB space for 2 or 3 years, even better!

3. Sync your Dropbox account.

4. To transfer images from your S4, just go to the gallery, hold down your finger on an image (this is to allow you to check multiple images), tick all the photos you want to transfer, and click on the share button that looks like a sideways-V.

5. Choose Dropbox, and then choose which folder you want to put them in, and TADAH! Your photos gets copied into your Dropbox.

6. If you installed Dropbox on your PC, you can access your photos from there once Dropbox has synced.

I did not use the “Save all photos in Dropbox” function when I first got my S4 is because I’m afraid I might run out of space. Hahaha. But you can opt to do that if you want, although personally, I prefer to only transfer whichever I needed.


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