Elianto S09 & S10 Purple Nail Colour

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2 shades of purple from Elianto

Bought some nail colours from Elianto recently. I tried one of their nail polishes before and found it pretty alright for such a low price so I went and check out the other colours as well. I bought these in a recent promotion where 4 bottles of nail polish only cost me RM19! What a bargain!

Packaging & Application
Very simple packaging. The brush wasn’t very soft but application was still smooth. There was a slight defect in one of the brushes where one strand was about 1mm longer than the rest but it didn’t really made much difference during application, but of course a more even brush would be preferable. Lesson learnt: check the brushes before buying. The handle of the nail polish is also long and slim so it was like using a pen to apply.

Colours are almost alike to what you see in the bottle so by placing the bottle on your hand, you can already see how the colour would look after application. The consistency of the nail polish is a little thick but maybe bacause I accidently left them in my car dashboard one afternoon which made it that way. In my swatch, I applied 3 coats although 2 coats is already enough to get a solid clean application. The third coat was insurance as some areas had some patches when I held up my hand in the light after 2 coats. I will check this out with the other 2 colours I bought as well.

Elianto Nail Colour


Very cheap. Colour consistent as in bottle. Solid colours which stand out.
Needs topcoat to be shiny. Brush narrow & QC not perfect.
Approx RM5.90 per bottle.
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